Closing the transfer window before the start of the season

About time!

This would be a most welcome change if it ever happened.


Would make sense.

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Except every other team in Europe would be able to sign players(including ours) after our window closes. We would then be held to ransom whilst the rest of Europe has a couple of weeks to do deals.

Good idea, but needs some thinking through. Split the difference and make it Europe wide. We lose out otherwise.


We already have the problem with China @saint-or-sinner but I see your thinking and I like it…

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And while they are at it they can scrap the midseason window - except for emergency loans.

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This will kill lower league football, blah blah blah.

Actually it could do real harm to them. Many clubs work on limited budgets and playing staff and need to be able to trade players - some (no doubt Billericay) will suddenly discover cash flow disasters in March and can do sod all about it.

The Window should be gone period. But because it is here, it has to stay after the season opens - (players coming back from long term injuries (or Viruses) players you had hoped would mature over the summer who turn into Gardos. Discovering that not ONE of your midfield players has the ability to shoot straight. All good reasons to keep it open for after the 1st game unfortunately

Of course, one idea could be that EVERY footballer contract should include a Release Clause - a price (above market value) at which point a player can be sold outside a window. That way every renewed contract the player knows what their performances need to mean IF they wanted to follow their head.

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I can’t really remember why it was introduced in the first place but it worked pretty well before I thought … no window as such but no trading for the final 6 weeks of the season, to prevent teams buying in mercenaries if they were in with a shout for a trophy.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work now but as @saint-or-sinner said, it would need to done at UEFA level at the very least.

The transfer window is a farce anyway, it should be scrapped completely IMO. The three weeks leading up to deadline day can seriously hamper a smaller clubs whole season if the big clubs are hounding them for their star players … poor Swansea didn’t look like they were anywhere near ready or focused for the new season with the Sigurosson situation still hanging over them.

As usual the only winners are (1)the big clubs who can afford to drag out their dealings with ‘the little man’ and (2) Sky Sports !!


There was nothing wrong with as it used to be. March wasnt it? As soon as you create small windows you also create situations where crazy money rules. Take away artificial deadlines and you take away the panic factor that drives up prices.


They’ve agreed. Window to close on the Thursday before the first PL game.

I’m shocked.

Apparently it wasnt unanimous. For when the list eventually emerges of who voted what, who here wants to bet that those who voted against the decision are comprised of clubs from the top 6?

Doesn’t stop non PL clubs upsetting players though!!!

On the basis that we only ever seem to sell our best players to Premier League clubs, I do not give a shiny shite about non PL clubs!


I’d still like to see it scrapped. If it has to stay it makes sense to close it before the start of the season (for all). This will not stop the silly hysteria on deadline day though.

Oh, ffs, just for the EPL, leave it open through the whole season but shut it between seasons…that should sort it if the clubs have the balls to say no…just an idea…

Manchester United, Manchester City, Watford, Swansea and Crystal Palace voted against the proposal while Burnley abstained.

Not the usual suspects voting against it

Wenger realises Arsenal are going to have a bad season and will be relegated :lou_lol:

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, who stated players need “clarity”.

“It’s important that we close all that stuff before the championship starts,” said Wenger. “Players have no clarity. Are they in? Are they out? Will they be tapped up on the afternoon of a game? It’s not the way to work.”