"Clock Boy" seek $15 Million

This is where mock shock indignation can lead, he was wronged in a horrible way but have we come this far where its so so bad?
£15 Million is not going to sort out this, how could it?

I am now pretty certain that " outraged from Guildford" will be kicking themselves for not going the high court route to satisfaction and only asking Ester to read there letter out in front of 3 million people. Which has now embarrassed them so they can sue the BBC :slight_smile:

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How exactly is it mock shock? The treatment of the lad was disgusting. They clearly knew it wasn’t a bomb, this was about embarassing a Muslim teenager.

And $15 Million will soften the blow?
The right on Western World had mock shock indignation, it was outraged until something more came along to be outraged against, load of pc bollocks, he was treated woefully and reviews and actions should be put in place, apologies in public also given and that’s it.
$15 Million, Jesus wept, well he would do if he was here.

Ok I have been embarrassed enough in my life but $15 mill worth I dont think so

These little pet phrases of yours, ‘mock shock’, ‘right on’, ‘pc’ and the like. They are meaningless. Throwing out this word soup in every post really adds nothing. It’s not a compelling argument in anyway.

Do I think this should result in $15m payouts to him? Nope, probs not. But, if they are the systems that are in place in an already ludicrous system in the States, then I would certainly look to punish the authorities in every possible way if I was their family.

Also, Richard Dawkins is still having a pathetic tantrum over the entire affair. So anything that pisses off that odious little cretin is A-ok with me.

I suspect you get angry at an awful lot of things and even outraged quite regularly.
Mock shock is not meaningless is part of this throwaway society, see something on line get on the bandwagon as its against something you don’t like, (call it a proxy war) raise some money and rinse and repeat,
Or until you get a mortgage, wife and kids.
The curse of the 21st century is everyone is outraged and what makes them more outraged is there is fuck all they can do about apart it getting more outraged and something that’s fits in with their agenda.

Nah, not really.

I’m aware there’s little I can change. I know the world is pretty shitty, and so are a lot of people. No point getting angry or outraged. But, I’ll still say when people/things are shitty.

The people who seem to get more angry and outraged are the ones that cry about how pc culture gone made is ruining their ability to be shitty without being told that they are shitty, or facing any consequences for their shitty behaviour.

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The thing is the right on sandal wearers have driven these people underground with their own fascist agenda, I suggest you look in to the horseshoe theory.

No debate that has merit or concern should be shut down, 15 years ago you couldn’t mention EU membership in Labour meetings for fear for fear of being called a racist or being told it was not on the agenda and never will be, strange now votes are being lost all over that they now what to discuss it?

Corbyn wants an idealistic party, one of heart and soul.
Blair, Brown and Mandelson were far too pragmatic for that and sat in the middle and got elected off the back of the middle classes, who after 10 years fucked them off for many reasons.
I find strange the party (the proponents) that loved the ideals on multiculturalism didn’t actually in any multicultural areas that were deprived and forgotten about but at the same time didn’t mind blowing the fuck out of multicultural places abroad.

Ah look, back on multiculturalism. Doesn’t take much, does it?

Tell me what Ahmed and Corbyn have to do with each other? Or am I just going to get some nonsense waffle back?

Corbyn cried crocodile tears for Ahmed and started the #walkwithahmed campaign…

He now wants a cut of the $15 Mill, he is not that much of a Che.

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And have a look at the horseshoe theory.

Fair play. I genuniely laughed out loud at that.

I’m 100% sure, that is definitely how it is. I’m sold.

I still think it would be a travesty of anything if they give him 10 cents he has now left the states and is living in Qatar.

who gives a shit if he was a little bit upset ?

Originally posted by @PhilippineSaint

who gives a shit if he was a little bit upset ?

How do people miss the point of this so much?

Are none of you aware of what is going on with the police at the moment over there?

This isn’t about a kid being a little bit upset. It’s about the police force being out of control, actively hostile and violent against minority groups and acting without any recourse for their disgusting behaviour.

Bigger picture.

No we are not as we don’t live there and are not bothered as it does not effect us

The bigger picture as I have been saying all along is the agenda, the easily offended bandwagon picked this up and this is where we are at, a $15 Million lawsuit that someone (the poor most probably) will have to pay for.
The easily offended mock shock outraged have a very proficient legal department and are very active in pursuing completely fucking stupid but lucrative opportunities.
Seinfeld and Rock wont play in front of the easily offended and I fucking applaud them, Ben Elton (his standup is shite as opposed to his books and other writing) and other middle class easily outraged unfunny wankers.should have to perform for them.

can I get this in before KRG replie’s

Its not a matter of the kid being upset its the fact that somebody now wants $15 mil come on I got kicked out of college for asking the lecturer if he had an outside toilet should I now be claiming damages ? if I had passed that course I might now be somethiing different .

get a fucking life shit happens and then it happens some more .


I wouldn’t buy one of his clocks, and certainly not for $15m! American’s is Such Mugs! Look at the fucking thing!

What a piece of shit. Wouldn’t pay more than £100, even if it was an exploding one.

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Barry; how do you manage the perpetual paradox of

a) railing against the easily offended

b) constantly being easily offended by the easily offended?