🖱 Click on my niece

Can everyone click on’ like’ for my nieces video please? She’s in a modelling competition. Tahiata #4. Cheers everyone.

Hey Goaty I know we try and fix votes for the football but a kiddies beauty pagent?? :lou_lol:

It’s safe. They’re all adults .

What she saying it’s all in Eurospeak?

Something about really loving middle aged men who like her video.


Something about she should be chosen because she likes fashion etc. then she spoke too quickly.

Last thing was “kisses to everyone”

I don’t have a book face account so I can’t vote, however isn’t this all objectifying women and we should write a strongly worded letter to facebook to complain!!

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I reckon it’s a ploy and @Goatboy is being remunerated per “like”.

Nah, niece may get some work out of it though.

Does she have her uncle’s brains or his looks?

Her uncle doesn’t even have those :slight_smile:


Nah, he’s got to be an uncle by marriage only, surely?


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