Classic Scrapes - James Acaster

Classic Scrapes - James Acaster


I strongly reccommend this book. It is a genuinely laugh out loud funny collection of tales. I read it a while a go but as each chapter is a self contained story I read a couple on my lunch break and was reminded how brilliant it is.

If you have read it or decide to read it, these are my favourite stories:-


Music Teacher’s House

Board Game Club

Jam Session.

Dad teaching him how to juggle


Thanks for that, I like him…should be another good read for our Feb sunshine holiday.


@lifeintheslowlane Let me know what you think! Be careful where you read it, you might draw attention to yourself sniggering!


Ordered it online…it arrives today…holiday starts late Feb so it might be some time before I pass judgement. :lou_wink_2: