Classic Forum - Sotonians

I have spent the last week (on and off) looking through the older threads on here and there are some true classics, which are spit out tea/coffee or any liquid, or food funny.

I spent a lot of my time in June/July uploading photos and posting them on here, so missed a lot of what was going on around me.

i would encourage the new members to go back through some of the older threads, or even the older members to take a look. Even the ones where the title might not strike a chord with you, believe me they tend to twist off topic, or have some great one liners or debates.

Also if you like a post up vote it, as it is a part of this forum. I tell you what the last week has not only had me in stitches at you guys, but got me thinking, yes me thinking dam you, about issues that are out there in this fascinating world we live in.

Keep up the great work everyone!