Childhood TV Heroes

We all had them. I’m of an age when Cowboys were the TV heroes for kids.

We were fed simple morality via the colour of a cowboy’s hat; white for the good guys and black for the baddies (hmmm) . Oddly my hero Dick West wore a black one but he could shoot his revolver under the neck of his galloping pony and that was good enough for me.

Here’s what you missed.


I grew up with cowboys too, but my favourites were swords, bows and arrows and tights! Ivanhoe, Robin Hood and William Tell!


Can we choose stuff in colour or is this just for really old black and white stuff?

William Tell and Robin Hood for sure. Also - and we kids took this seriously as hell while our parents laughed out loud, much to our annoyance - Batman, with the late Adam West in the title role.



If you’re heroes were in colour then that’s OK…I didn’t have many coloured heroes. :lou_wink_2:

There was an electrical shop on the corner of Portswood Road and Brookvale Road on our route back from The Dell on matchdays. They always had a TV on in the window and I can remember getting quite panicy, as we passed in my mate’s dad’s car if Robin Hood had already started. We were still about 10 minutes from home in his Ford Prefect (JFS 238).

Love this, LITSL!

I did too. I wiki-ed it this afternoon and it only ran 3 series from '51 to '53. It wasn’t shown on BBC until about '56 or so but I watched that episode this afternoon and it was so openly moralising…very funny.

I remember stopping off at Lone Pine in California one visit and drove out to Movie Flats Road where they used to film some of the episides. I climbed up into the rocks with my camera mono-pod as a rifle while my missus took pictures. :lou_lol:

Men never really grow up @coxford_lou

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I know we’ve gone for golden oldies but surely with our age we should by now be arguing whether we loved Scott Virgil or Gordon the most…

Or Captain Black.

Or Joe 90

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And before you ask. It was always and still is TinTin for me

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And who did the spoof Robin Hood theme? Steals from the poor gives to the rich. Silly Bitch Silly bitch…

Can’t have been Python surely?

Dennis Moore … :smile:

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I think there was an audio version which used Dennis Law and the lyrics changed

The Banana Splits was a favourite of mine - strange thing is I remember it in colour, but my folks only had a black and white TV when I was a small nipper.

Fake memories?


To be fairJimmy So vile does have his defenders. Just this week Susan Boyle disclosed that when she was a young teenager she appeared on Jimlfixit and Jimmy never laid a finger on her.

All you old fogeys with your cowboys and indians, here’s a real hero…