Chelsea vs Southampton Match Thread - 25/4/17 K.O. 19:45

Tuesday sees us travel to Chelsea, a tough game and no mistake. I will be keeping a close eye on the semi-final today, hoping that Chelsea pick up as many knocks as possible that keep their best players out of action until wednesday, as I’d still prefer them to win the league than Spurs (a bit like choosing which bollock I’d rather be kicked in).

Lots to be optimistic about though, by employing the logic of my 10 year old self, Palace beat them 3-1, we smashed Palace 3-1 in the next game so by squaring those results we should win 9-1.

My 38 year old self is much more realistic though and can only expect us to win by 1 or 2, and Gabbi is due some goals after his unthinkable dry spell. 2-1 Saints?


Your logic is undoubtably flawed but good for the faithful

1-2 to the Saints


I fear a 3 or 4 nil defeat.

Fear not @fatso wewi

Im hopefull for a score draw.

Just seen Ceceras on ‘know your drill’ I would love to see him playing in a 3 at the back

Spurs even though 1-1 are in control of this game. They look pretty handy. That Kane bloke is bloody good!

Cannot see us getting much in this one. I would take a draw now. On who wins the league, could not give a stuff, but Spurs are the much better team to watch by far.

Silly challenge and Spurs find themselves behind from the spot.

Cracking game. Spuds doing a job on Chelsea so far

It’s a great performance by Spurs. Really good to watch. Good news is that Chelsea have had to bring their big guns on!

it makes me cross seeing how good spurs have become. Wankers.


It’s transitory…it won’t last. :lou_lol:




Ha ha ha. Reminds me of our cup final. In control and bang!

Saying this Spurs are the late late team for sure. Fitness levels are the best in the league.

What a goal. Unlucky Spurs!

Oh and Danny Murphy has wanted Spurs to win this all the way through. Sounds very sad now!


Wow what a goal! Can this game get any better?

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This is a great time to be playing Chelsea. They’re in a massive slump in the league at the moment and will be fearful of coming up against an angry, fired up Saints, hellbent on putting to bed the City defeat. Plus they’ll be knackered after today and focusing on the cup final.

If Mane could give them such a hard time last year, how the fuck are they going to cope with tricky Redmonds wizardry and sizzling pace ?? … and we all know that fit again Gabba scores for fun.

We cruised to a 3-1 win last season and see no reason why we won’t do the same on tuesday

3-1 Saints

COYR :innocent:


It’s a Semi Final at Wembley…you don’t fuckin’ leave early even if you are losing!

I fuckin’ HATE THAT!


Poch, Toby and Vic. You may have left us for bigger things, but at least we made a final!

Not a great fan of either team, but that was a proper game of football. Just hope that Chelsea are knackered for Tuesday now!


NYS and Caceras

Sitting in a tree

etc etc


Errrrm, been out on the sherry today, did I miss anything important?