:pl: :chelseafc: Chelsea v Saints :saints:

:chelseafc: v :saints:

  • Hmmm, Potter under pressure, :saints: managerless, this can only go one way. :chelseafc: to win
  • :saints: beat :chelseafc: -> :chelseafc: sack Potter -> :saints: appoint Potter © @bucks and the Southampton Australian Supporters
  • :saints: to win in a Seles inspired carnival of free flowing football.
  • The multi-millionaire :chelseafc: team actually play together, :chelseafc: to win
  • score draw
  • bore draw

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Hmmm, Potter under pressure, :saints: possibly managerless. This can only go one way!

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Poll added to the OP

From the presser:

Che Adams a doubt

Selles keen to get the full time gig. Feels he is ready but not his decision and he will be OK with what they decide

Great group of players, blah blah

Grew up following Benitez at Valencia.


Nice to listen to a sane presser, with proper English spoken.


I was really impressed with Ruben. No bullshit, just honest hard work and dose of reality. He knows he’s on a win, win. He’s fired up to have the job himself and I reckon there’s more to the player “noise” than meets the eye. I reckon they like working with him and will do a turn. Whether he can eventually be the manager, who knows? All I want is an enjoyable last half of the season. Yeah, we’ll lose some. Hopefully we’ll win some. Maybe we’ll go down. Maybe we’ll be like Lazarus. Just want to see a team with a bit of gumption, playing for each other and giving the fans something positive to shout about. COYR


We’ve a chance then :roll_eyes:

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Racist :wink:

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Chelsea boss Graham Potter really has to win this game, because otherwise he is going to come under massive pressure.

Potter’s side missed more chances against Borussia Dortmund in midweek and we know they are missing a cutting edge - but there can’t be any excuses for not beating Southampton, who are bottom of the table, don’t have a manager and are in a real mess.

Sutton’s prediction: 2-0

Casper’s prediction: 3-0

Corey’s prediction: 3-0

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On a positive note, Timo Werner can’t score his one goal a season against us.
But I’m sure we’ll find a way to get Chelsea’s season up and running


Selles out. :laughing:🫣:see_no_evil:

No Orsic
Janny B no Salisu
Same old shit different day

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Sally has a knock
DCC isn’t closing space down
Orsic not yet up to speed
Bye bye Bree i guess

Why am I watching?
We know what happens.
Could have gone for a walk in 5C 80kph winds & sideways rain. Would have been much less pain

Off the line!
Sulemanna tore them apart!

Its on the Telly here

What is this sorcery?

I’ve just got in and found a stream. Prepare for defeat. :frowning:

…that said, if we’re losing at half-time I will go for a lucky nap. :+1: