Cheating Russians

Shits getting real for the russians

It’ll be alright, we’ll vote to bin Trident and Putin will drop a nuke in Rio leaving the Athletics world open to the Russian Athletes

Don’t need to drop a Nuke, just deliver a dodgy container of DEET. That’ll screw the Olympics big time

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Had to google DEET, Sotonians the forum that teaches you something new every day!!


You cannot have a Rio Olympics with them included.

Serial cheats, chuck em out.

Go the other way. They want glory. Successive drug regimes have failed to keep up. Give them as much as they want and let’s see the ultimate test of human capability.

I want to see unnatural behemoths that make GoT’s Mountain look like a molehill. All swimmers should have working gills. I don’t give a fuck how they do it. Genetic engineering, grafting, getting some Pompey lad to fuck a foreign fish (he won’t mind). Just get it done.

It’s clear that they’re going to cheat anyway. May as well spend the money we waste on enforcement on creative amplification.

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I’m sure the British extreme left will say this was a stitch up by the British establishment and Russian athletics has nothing to hide.

Always been upfront they have.

The Olympics lost if for me when they let professional sportsmen and women compete. Whatever happened to the plucky amateur who trains for hours before and after their full time job? Pah.

Perhaps people thought they might attain more in the sporting world if they’re not sat on their arses in an office for eight hours a day.

There was “shamateurism” long before they made athletics an open sport. If you went to a large athletic meet there would be cash payments dolled out for all the big competitors…a guy going round with huge wadge of money.

I remember our teacher bringing in two silver medals he won at the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. His name was John Cooper and the measure of pride that he took in reaching the heights as an amateur sporstman was there for all to see. Professionals have their own top competitions, why take this away from the amateurs?

I remember John Cooper…400 mtr hurdler around the time of David Hemery 64-68 era.

Anyone surprised at the IOC’s massive bottling of the Ruskies Drug issue…what a bunch of prized cunts!

I bet the international federations are spitting feathers about this - talk about being passed a handgrenade minus the pin.

Biggest cop out the world has ever seen

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Boney M had those fuckers sussed back in the 70s, but no one heeded the warning.

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