Cheating in football

Cheating in football


So more ‘debate’ about this after Spurs v Liverpool. My take is very simple, you should not be looking to ‘win’ a penalty or foul - as Kane says : “I felt contact and I went down. I’m not going to jump out of the way because it’s football.”

No it fucking is not, its cheating. Players do it when they know the ball has gne and they have lost the opportunity - most stay on tehir feet if they are more likely to score… It may have become 'acceptable because ex player pundits suggest its clever to ‘win’ fouls or pens, but its still cheating and why I cant stand the cheating cunt… and the message to kids …

…and I dont like it when our players try it on either - dont me started on the rogur Tadic


I had an idea right. Make a rule that if Spurs Players are not demonstrably trying to stay on their feet and play on, then the referee isn’t allowed to give them a free kick, even if they’ve been genuine fouled.

I wonder what that would look like? I suspect you might get an increase in the little sneaky kicks, nudges and pulls that defenders do to gain an advantage, which in it’s way is just as Cheating. Refs would have to be watch out for that.

I reckon we should introduce it on a trial basis though! Just for Spurs and Liverpool at first. After a while if it works well, we can also roll it out on Man Utd and Chelsea.


I can’t think of any other sport where it would be accepted. Not just the diving, but dramatically throwing themselves to the floor clutching their face, pretending that they have been slapped or elbowed, or clutching their leg, claiming to have been kicked, when replays show no contact has been made. Imagine this happening in Rugby? They wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the sport, they would be crucified. It is a football problem only. When i come to power i shall put a stop to it, if replays show they are shamming, it will be a 10 match retrospective ban for the cheating cunts and it will be illegal for the club to pay their wages during this period. I can confidently predict that this will cut it out overnight.


I saw that comment earlier and thought the same thing. Just because you felt the touch doesn’t mean you can go down.

In effect he is admitting to diving.

As you rightly point out it’s the pundits that have promoted this as accepted and it shouldn’t be.


And, BTW, this is the reason why VAR shouldn’t and can’t be used for subjective appeals. If pundits can’t decided if it’s a penalty or not VAR is going to have a hard time…


Skates. Winning the FA Cup. Yes, completely. Nothing else gets close.


I find the whole cheating thing one of the most despicable parts of the modern game. Closely followed by spitting and blowing bogeys out of their nose. It starts well before rolling around on the floor … throw ins. Player kicks ball out of play then sticks his hand in the air to deliberately deceive the lino. Cheating. Corner kicks, shirt pulling, dodging and weaving, standing in front of the goalie. Cheating. Our players do it too, they all do. Watch the replay of Steve Jackson from this weekend’s game. He gets skinned by Khazi then the first thing he does his remonstrates with the ref signalling that his shirt had been pulled. Fuck off, he skinned you and you’re now cheating to try to put doubt in the refs mind. Cheating.

I fully agree with your comments about Tadic … its sometimes like hes been fucking shot. Cheating. However, the modern game has come to this now and if our players don’t “go down” or hassle the ref then we end up getting shafted. How many times have you seen the ref not give 1 or 2 marginal decisions only to give a soft pen 'cos the team is “owed one”?

Unfortunately it needs a total rethink and led by the ref. It won’t happen ’ cos pussies like Gurning Klippety Klopp will grind the ref and 4th official down all the time whinging and whining all match. The one thing I do like about MaPe is that he takes ref decisions on the chin. No moaning, no back biting. Some people don’t like him for that … “no backbone”, but honest … !

Rant over. Who the fuck started this, I need a lay down. COYR


Yep…I used to ref the occasional Sunday League game when the appointed offical failed to turn up. You’d often get a twat who was in your face from the off.

I used to take them to one side and tell them they were spoiling my enjoyment of the game. One said “Ahh no offense ref it’s just part of my game” I said, “you spoil my game, I’ll spoil yours…and very quickly”…always worked.

The ref has that power to control a game, it needs the Ref’s Association, The Premier League, The FA and The PFA to change the cheating culture…I can’t see it happening.


Actually, the replay shows that his shirt was pulled. Not enough that he shouldn’t have lost his man I didn’t think, but it definitely was pulled.

But you’re quite right about everything.


Yeah like Tadic never goes down like he has been hit by a 20mm cannon shell at the first touch


True story. You can go to a number of bookies and lay money on a WWE match. Everybody knows it’s “sports entertainment”, everybody knows it is fake as fuck, and that the results are predetermined.

We’ve heard rumblings from former refs about pressure from the league. I do wonder whether we’re naive in thinking football pure.

VAR would potentially sort all that out. I wonder if it’ll ever get widespread adoption. :lou_sunglasses:


Did you actually read any of the posts on this thread?


Great rant! Found myself having to Pah! at the end of that. If it’s not enough with the contracts/transfers, the board room staff wanting media glory and the wages. Huh!




I couldn’t sleep.