🤲 Charity run in aid of MIND

Sotonians, Mrs Bletch is running in aid of MIND - a charity that does bloodybwonderfull work helping people with mental illness.

If you can spare a few quid, it would be put to good use. It would also stop Mrs Bletch from telling me I waste too much time here. So include Sotonians in any (clean) messagr you leave.

Cheers, Bletch.



Bugger, how do you go back and edit your msg…?!


Thanks for the couple of people that could be arsed so far.

I should explain that there will be a “I’ve given it to Mrs Bletch while Bletch was watching” badge for all contributors.

Thank you @lifeintheslowlane and @Cobham-Saint.

Is there a badge for donating on the Just Giving page as well?!


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Thanks @Saint-CD! Badge delivered.

There should be.

So I’ve got to ask @Goatboy to retrospectively go through the whole thread and his PayPal account and cross reference that with poster names and then manually deliver a badge?

Sounds like a job for when I’ve got a free weekend.

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Not remotely worth it. Much better to support your wife in her recovery / following weekend well earned binge.

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Thanks @Bucks! Badge granted.

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As if you have a life outside of Sotonians


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Thank you @BTripz. Badge about to be granted.

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Cheers @Fowllyd!

Mrs Bletch said she almost didn’t notice that you’d given it to her, but there’s a badge on the way.

Thanks @Goatboy!

Exactly what type of sexual favour do you think I owe you?

Actually, don’t answer that - it’ll probably involve a cadaver.