😲 ⚽ Chants in a million

With the advent of the mad fan free times at footy stadiums, we’ve lost much of the atmosphere from the game.

Burn me for heresy if you will, but being part of that atmosphere was what supporting Saints was all about. When I held a season ticket, it was in Itchen North, right next to the away fans. The back and forth banter was so good that often, I didn’t see much of the game. I’d watch it later after rolling in from the pub.

Chanting is a huge part of that, so in its absence, I thought we might commemorate some of the best and worst.

My easy starter for ten is Stoke City’s response to our sung statement that they were so northern, they ate off the floor.

They responded with “You are so Southern, you’re practically French” :smiley:

Over to you. Time to give someone else a “chants”.


Chelsea at home to Watford, their fans chanting,“You dirty Northern bastards”.


When Chappers hit that screamer against utd in the cup game and Ferguson responded by bringing out the big guns in the shape of Nani…

Fergie, you’re a cunt, Fergie Fergie you’re a cunt

Concise, well conveyed and informative, I always felt.


Our fans to Phil Thompson when he was irate at a referee’s decision

“Sit down Pinocchio, sit down Pinocchio”


The one that @SimplySaint and I always chuckle about was against Swansea a few seasons ago. They scored and it all got raucous with blow up dragons etc. Then we scored to the tune of “stick your dragon up your arse” only surpassed by the next goal to the tune of “where is your dragon now, where is your dragon now”. Happy days.


A really obscure one that I thought was brilliant.

A non-league club (can’t remember, may have been Cambridge City years ago) were in dispute with the next door allotment owners over some land. This resulted in

“Grow an avocado if you think you’re gardeners” and

“You’re gonna get your potting shed kicked in”


West Ham, last game at Upton Park.

Announcer - Mr. Moo is in the building.

Mr. Moo is in the building.

General football activity.

Announcer - Mr Moo has left the building.

Mr Moo has left the building.

Saints fans - He left cause you’re shit!

He left cause you’re shit!

Mr Moo? He left cause you’re shit!


Anfield, some time around 1980. Saints losing 2-0 (quelle surprise).

Announcer: This is a practice Operation Anfield. Stewards and fire officers, stand by.

…a few minutes later

Announcer: This has been a practice Operation Anfield. Stewards and fire officers, stand down.

Saints fans: Burn it down, burn it down, burn in down, etc.

Large fat bloke in the stand closest to us flips his lid at this, stands up and waves a load of slightly unfriendly gestures in our direction.

Saints fans: One Billy Bunter, there’s only one Billy Bunter, one Billy Bunter.


Very obese fan standing all alone taunting Saints fans

Saints fans: Have you eaten all your mates?


League Cup win against Villa about 5 years ago.

Yoshida, playing at right back, cuts in and drills one in the bottom corner with his left foot…

Saints fans:

“How shit must you be, Yoshida has scored”


Scottish fans to Italians, World Cup Qualifier

We’re gonna deep-fry ya pizzas!


AFC Wimbledon fans to their Franchise FC equivalents.

“Where were you when you were us?”


Leicester away at Filbert Street.
Picked up from Heathrow, road trip, no time for a beer.
In ground, met Salisbury & London Saints we are on Yellow & Blue
Svensson has a blinder.
Whole second half
Brazil it’s just like watching Brazil

4-1 to us maybe?
Epic trip

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You were obviously delusional from the lack of beer…

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We didnt have time to go to the Pub…
We may have had the windows down

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One of my favourites was Everton at home a few seasons ago.

We are two-nil up because they’ve scored two own goals.

Our chant?

“Two-nil, and you still don’t sing”…


4-0. Dec 2001. One of Strachan’s early games. A. Svensson 2. Beattie. Pahars.

Our last trip to Filbert Street.


Crystal Palace fans at the Dell, about their own player.

Only one Ian Dowie… etc
Ugly as fuck, but he’s keeping us up
Walking in a Dowie wonderland


Every drug dealer on every corner of every historic beautiful square in Prague… “Oh when the Saints…”

To Fulham:
Statue of a paedo, you’ve got a statue of a paedo.

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