:efL: Championship :westbromfc: West Bromwich Albion v Saints :saints: (Live on :sky_logo:)

:westbromfc: v :saints: (Live on :sky_logo:)

What Will be the :westbromfc: v :saints: Outcome
  • :westbromfc: beat :cardiffcityfc: 2-0 yesterday. We will reverse that score 0-2 :saints:. :saints: to win (c)
  • Last 2 games have showed some :saints: frailties, this will continue with a humbling loss at the Hawthorns :westbromfc: to win
  • :saints: to reverse their poor form from the last 2 games, :saints: to win
  • score draw
  • bore draw

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0, 0 unbeaten

The Baggies beat Cardiff 2-0 yesterday. We will reverse that score 0-2 Saints.

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West Brom have just been bought - maybe a boost for them?


Oh shit


We are fucked


I sacked work off early to go on the piss. We’ll batter the cunts. And if we get beat i’ll be too pissed to care.


Clever plan

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Oh really

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5 hours before kick off?

I should imagine most sensible people will be most of the way there already…

Also quite hammered - got to be up at 3 for a flight so not massively arsed on this one; don’t think we’ll win now the team is out given no Downes but maybe I’m a pessimist…

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Sitting on a sofa wrapped in a blanket going downhill because of the cold/flu Mrs C_S brought into the household :rage:

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Let’s face it, Albion’s home form in their 16 months of Carlos Corberan rule has already proved pretty magical - 21 wins and only three defeats in 30 league games.


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Keep me up to speed with the game all :+1:

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God speed brave prince… :sleepy:

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2m 35s 1st ball over tge top win corner.
Tuesday 1st ball over top was about 80m
Stephens at Left Back