:efl: Championship :sunderlandfc: Sunderland v Saints :saints: (Live on :sky_logo:)

:sunderlandfc: v :saints:

Predict the :sunderlandfc: v :saints: result
  • :saints: to do the normal, all possession and no shots on target, :sunderlandfc: to score in the 15th minute of added time at the end of the 2nd half. :sunderlandfc: win
  • The :saints: go 1 up, immediately concede, then huff and puff for 30 minutes and snatch a winner at the death option
  • :saints: to dominate all stats and to win
  • :sunderlandfc: to win
  • score draw
  • bore draw

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The Ayatollah is losing her shit about how often Saints are on the telly - she says it is worse than when I had a season ticket


Mrs P_F has been invited to a Wedding.
It is a 2 day wedding.
It is past Wroclaw - over 3 hours drive away
She has invited another friend from work and I have to pay for the fuel to drive them there (rather than accepting a lift from them)
Yes we have a hotel. No I won’t be following the game, will be in Church at KO.

I will be trying for another “All Nighter Badge” but think with a 2 day session that I may need to be “wise” and not break myself with Rome coming up.

Clearly a Saints Win

Time to see how awful Holgate is then

Poll added to the OP

Misses the “saints go 1up, immediately concede, then huff and puff for 30 minutes and snatch a winner at the death” option

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Poll redone, vote again

I may catch the first 30 mins before I ceremonially lead the Wem Carnival Parade, crown the Carnival Queen then drive to P****smouth for the ferry. Well-earned month in France.


Stood behind Jason Wilcox and others at Southampton Airport and asked him how we kept Che. “We are very persuasive.”

Don’t think I’ll be getting a lift from them to the game. Metro it is then.

Fucking lunchtime ko’s. No time for a beer.

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Hey bros!

Bein Sports being a C*unt. Cant log on even with a burn number lol

Can somebody please FTLOJ (for the love of Jesus) provide a stream??

Your hard toil with be rewarded when I get over there next year it looks like

Serbian mafia - either your signature or your brains will be on this contract

All is well! Got me a log in sorted! Live game here we come!!

3 out of 4 games on the TV is mad tbf - it would take about 15 games in the Prem to be shown thrice…

Wheres the link please somebody

Mara starts, interesting

Ah, well I guess I should drag myself from poolside to grab a beer, find a stream and watch somewhere far enough away so nobody else can hear my howls of anguish

Decent stream anyone?

At least you have beer - I have a tutting Ayatollah with a to do list

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