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Rotherham done well to keep it at 1:0

Totally dominated that half, playing some lovely football and created so many chances. That it’s only 1-0 is almost criminal, should be at least 3 goals to the good. I really hope this doesn’t come back to bite us on the arse in the second half.


Restart delayed 10 minutes due to the medical emergency

has anything happened in the second half I have no feed no audio zip only whats on here and the BBC text

Yes Rotheram have just equalised.

You bunch oi useless fucking cunts


Rotherham finishing the stronger now after being completely outplayed for the whole game, they look as if they fancy their chances here.Their goalkeeper has made three superb saves but no excuses if we fail to win this after being so dominant.

My stream has just died - probably because of me swearing at the screen

Fucking useless. The game should have been dead and buried in the 1st half.


I stand by my statement 3 posts up

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That was expected

A familiar refrain sadly. I have to say I have an issue with our substitutions, all the players who were causing Rotherham so many problems and looked likely to score were taken off, really can’t see the point of that. A really disappointing result, it feels like a loss.


Errrrm….I think I may have guessed 1:1 in my Superbru picks




We were lucky to win on Tuesday where the ref was right on our side and we seem to be poncing and prancing around in games we should win, such as this afternoon. Unconvincing and disappointing, especially after an excellent 1st half against Leeds last saturday.

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My fault sorry, been in the garden all afternoon and i switched the match on at 72 minutes played…


So with a quarter of the season gone we are 11 points off the pace. At best we may make the play offs but we are just too inconsistent and can’t put the lesser teams away. Also our defence is fucking shit, 1 clean sheet in 12 games and our opponents only need 1 or 2 chances to score against us, whilst we labour away having 20 or so efforts with our 80% possession to score 1. Very disheartening to say the least.


I’m glad at least one of us is still seriously considering our promotion chances. I gave up on that notion long ago.

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I did say at best, partly because it isn’t a mathematical impossibility. Yet.

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How did we fail to win that by at least 3 goals?