:efl: Championship :saints: Southampton v Plymouth Argyle :plymouthargylefc: (Live on :sky_logo:)

:saints: v :plymouthargylefc: (Live on :sky_logo:)

Predict the :saints: v :plymouthargylefc: Outcome
  • :plymouthargylefc: win
  • bore draw
  • score draw
  • Another home game. Another :saints: Win. All is well with the world. Betfair pay out on 90 mins. (c) @PhilippineSaint

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Another home game. Another Win. All is well with the world. Betfair pay out on 90 mins.

Stupid kick off time.
No way we can get prepped for that
Evil journey home for their fans.

Greetings Bro’s!

My apologies for the tardiness in not being around this year. Tbh, what a breath of fresh air this season has been! Hope, optimism and excitement abounds each week and going into a game not hoping to get whooped but back to ‘how many will we score this week’ is, well, divine!

Yes, this kickoff time locally is something around 4am but at least it is not on Saint’s Play at 10 quid a pop!

Quick update re the music, our label head, Adrian Collis passed away Oct 21 and his son made the decision to close the label down, so free agents we are again. Onwards and upwards though and onto album 2 we tread having demoed 14 tracks!

Keep well eveyone, hope the holidays are rockin’ and rollin’ and whatnot! Let’s bring in 2024 like we did Christmas with a positive result


Sam Allison, first Black Ref in EPL for 15 years gets an immediate promotion.

4th official, so as to watch us and book the managers.




The long awaited and highly anticipated poll has been added to the OP.

Game is on TV here.
I could go to town to the English Pub & watch, maybe interact with people who speak a language i understand
But I’m skint and lets face it, i have only seen us lose the past 4 years I’ve gone to tge pub so I’m stocking up on Czech beer and taking one for the team by staying home

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Stuart Armstrong to score from outside the area against Plymouth WAS 7/1 NOW 9/1

Today is Priest Day in our part of the Village.
The local Vicar visits ecmcery house during this Christmas week and does the chat for the year to come and the blessing.
Unlike UK he doesn’t have a glass of Sherry at each stop, but for the family here it is " A Big Thing"

Now obviously i play for a different team and so it’s all over my head so to speak. So i had a row, because I’m supposed to ask for him to bless “SOMETHING” So MiL suggested my Football Team.
Well, saying fuck off no - last time i asked for help while at Jasna Gora (which outranks village Priest in "best places to pray at) we got dicked by a lot of goals and hardly won a game since, so now I’M in trouble for not having Faith because I have Faith we don’t need any Faith…

I need a fvcking beer


Get him to bless Fratton Park. If it works they get to play in a shithole for ever. If it doesn’t work it burns down and we all buy marshmallows.


This year I have seen us win! It is a real thing believe it or not!

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Big no Flynn Downes rumours

No Downes, Aribo or Stuey.
Che & Arma together up front.

We are doomed.
Was a nice run though



He was late!
He is still here!
No beers or laptop until.
And no I’m not allowed to tgrow him out!


I have beer!

Wot, Jesus?

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Rishi is in the house, quick, bet on Plymouth