:efl: Championship :saints: Southampton v Coventry City :coventrycityfc:

:efl: Championship :saints: v :coventrycityfc:

Predicet the :saints: v :coventrycityfc: Outcome
  • Meh, who cares, it’s all Martin and Stephen’s fault anyway.
  • Why has Coventry got an elephant in their crest
  • Does anyone really care anymore?
  • Score Draw
  • Bore draw

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Even if I had a fuck, I couldnt be arsed to give it

  1. ‘The ones who are desperate will be the ones who are playing’

Russell Martin looks on during news conferenceIMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES

Southampton boss Russell Martin feels “there isn’t a best team” that he can select at the moment because of his side’s lack of wins.

Since the side’s 25-match unbeaten run came to an end against Bristol City in February, the Saints have struggled for consistent form and an automatic promotion spot in the Championship now looks unlikely.

They came away from Blackburn Rovers with a goalless draw on Saturday and it was another game in which Martin had made changes to the starting XI.

Asked about this in his news conference before Saints host Coventry City on Tuesday, Martin said: "When we were 25 [games] unbeaten we made a change or two to the team and it didn’t make much difference because we were in the flow.

"At the minute, we’re not quite in the flow so every change or tweak you make is questioned. But when you’re winning it is not questioned because the game is so outcome based.

"It is up to us to look beyond that and try to prepare and get real good momentum for the play-offs.

"We try to win seven games and see where that takes us, but now everyone is playing to make sure they are part of the best team capable of getting us to the Premier League. It really is that simple. We can’t pretend anything else.

"People get the opportunity to show what they can do, but you have to earn the opportunity. At the moment, there isn’t a best team because we aren’t winning enough games.

"The lads need to be desperate to be in team, to get to the Premier League, to stay in the team, to push the players when not in the team.

“The ones who are desperate will be the ones who are playing.”

Cov are in decent nick at the moment. We all know what we’ve been like. Need to show up tonight or we’ll get done king size up the kyber.

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Head to head and my Superbru prediction…


That is fucking sad putting that score down.

But realistic maybe :man_shrugging:

Could I just point of the reality of that prediction…
The current leaderboard:

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Rumours imply wont be seeing a left back in the squad for a while.
Let’s see…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Oh. No sign of Manning

Actually at the match tonight!

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Penalty to Coventry?

Comedy gold that

Explain I have nothing here

Softer than my pillow.
He slipped when taking it hit the bar hit it again missed free kick Saints anyway


Or maybe deflected by Che or an OG
From about 20 yards