:efl: Championship :sheffieldwednesdayfc: Sheffield Wednesday v Saints :saints: (Live on :sky_logo:)

:sheffieldwednesdayfc: v :saints:

  • :saints: to win the first game of the season, something they haven’t done in a long time.
  • :sheffieldwednesdayfc: to win, :saints: don’t win the first game of the season, ever!!
  • score draw
  • bore draw
  • :saints: posses, posses and posses some more, yet fail to make the onion bag bulge. :sheffieldwednesdayfc: score a 91st minute winner.

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This will be live on Supersport in EG so I can watch and get as demoralized as the rest of you on the first game of the season.


Do i need a poll, first game of the season and all.

  • Yes
  • No

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Very well, poll added to the OP, @CB-Saint and @Cobham-Saint need not apply.

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We’ll fucking batter the cunts.


is that an option in the poll?

I might put it in the next one, too late to amend this poll now. I really do need the sound bites before I build the poll.

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To be fair “We will batter the cunts” or “We will get battered by the cunts” should be default options for any game poll. Any decent admin mush would know that. :wink:

To be fair I generally do put something like that but rather more eloquently and in line with the familial nature of the site.

It’s having @NotBletch back that has dragged the site into the mire again!

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Fair enough. Maybe we should revert to the old Saintsweb auto change of the word “cunt” to “budgie”. It was actually quite funny for a while and people started using budgie as their insult of choice.

We did play around with a swear filter for a while but it upset @NotBletch’s sensibilities, to be fair quite a lot does.


I thought we just bypassed the filter :grin:

That as well…



Not to jinx it or anything, but I really genuinely believe we’ll walk this league.

Heard it here first - Championship, piece of piss mate…


You had to go and say it…

I’d forgotten the game was on tonight - lack of EFL coverage in the mainstream press/media & generally not paying attention

Will have to get used to only seeing news about Premier League show ponies rather than about good honest agricultural EFL graft.