:efl: Championship :saints: Saints v Norwich City :norwichcityfc:

:saints: v :norwichcityfc:

What’s Going to Happen
  • TLDR Could be a tricky afternoon. (c) @Numptyboi
  • Loss it is then … Tyke continually reminds me that the last time we saw :saints: win was pre-covid (c) @Saint-CD
  • 80% possession doesn’t mean nothing if you don’t make the onion bag bulge. :norwichcityfc: to score with their only shot on target, :saints: loss
  • :saints: to win as they up their xG
  • bore draw
  • score draw

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In a move of sheer madness this morning, I signed us up for the first home game of the season. Loss it is then … Tyke continually reminds me that the last time we saw Saints win was pre-covid :flushed:

Needless to say … beers beforehand :+1:

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Evenin’ all … might there be a beer or two prior to the footballing masterclass on Saturday ? We’re “avec females” for lunch so somewhere with food (other than liquid food) will be necessary. I understand The Stable is long since erstwhile so I bow to your greater knowledge Sotonians folk. Close to West Quay would be ideal too as there’s no way I’ll be getting away with no shopping before the game :pleading_face:

You might try to find a spot in Turtle Bay though it gets very busy. Caribbean food, good value.

Or Mango Thai, above bar. Bit more refined but still fairly reasonable prices.

Going to be on a ferry to Ireland when this kicks off

Lots of options in the new part of West Quay.
L’Osteria does massive wood fired pizzas.
Good Thai place called TukTuk I think.

This one will be interesting. The Wednesday game suggested we are going to keep the ball a lot during games with little end product, unless we keep Adams and/or buy a quality striker (just like everyone else wants to do). Personally i think that, whilst admirable, the possession we had in that game papered over the same old cracks that were evident last season - unable to defend set pieces, poor goalkeeper choices, lack of cohesive attacking threat.
Norwich will be a lot tougher than Wednesday were and their game plan will dictate how this goes. I can see the usual load of possession with shots from outside the box and then conceding from counter attacks. And we will concede. Only 4 teams conceded more than Swansea in the league last season and 3 of them went down. It doesn’t suggest much faith be put in RM’s goalkeeping coach, especially with Gavin “Sieve” Bazunu and Alex “Colander” McCarthy to choose from.
Losing WP will undoubtedly be the talking point before the game, but that was always going to happen, so RM will have to show he always had a plan for this. Smallbone has been good since his return and looks a shoe in, but with Lavia on the way out and unlikely to play, we’re suddenly short of DF’s. Could be a tricky afternoon.


@Bucks @Fowllyd @Goatboy

Where are you guys heading ?

I am going to Turtle Bay with @SO5-4BW.

@Fowllyd stopped attending a year ago. Turned out to be a masterstroke.

A few other Forum regulars have also decided that they might have more fun by not going to SMS…

Poll added to the OP

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I’d have gone to this, but I’ll still be in Canada.


I’ll be elsewhere watching some paint dry.

What does this actually mean @BTripz

Expected goals I believe, but I think it’s used to sound more scientific :roll_eyes:

I dont expect them to score with the forwards we have so its irrelevant anyway.

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Aye, this, expected goals

I assumed it meant ex-goals, as in goals we used to score, but don’t now :rofl:


Some new wank that the commentators have dreamt up to make them sound intelligent

You have wonder how we have lived without it for 150 years


Any coincidence that this shite has cropped up now we have an increasing number of yank owners kicking about?