:efl: Championship :saints: Saints v Millwall :millwallfc:

:saints: v :millwallfc:

Predicte the :saints: v :millwalfc: Outcome
  • Beware the new manager bounce (ignore Rooney’s tenure at :birminghamcityfc:) :millwallfc: to win
  • Martin was ‘very angry’ after Tuesday night’s capitualtion, expect the :saints: to come out with a rocket up their arse, :saints: to win and win well
  • score draw
  • bore draw
  • the :saints: players have one eye on Wednesday night’s cup game, expect an abject display and rested players :millwallfc: to win.

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Last chance to get back into winning ways before being humped by :liverpoolfc:


Ah, the new manager bounce…

Hopefully it will be like Birmingham’s New Manager bounce when Rooney went in

Poll added to the OP.


We are so fooked :-


Uh oh.

Best get the Kevlar suits out if you’re going to the game


Scotty will act as my bodyguard for the game as Chambers is a Millwall fan and usually goes to games tooled-up.
We will be away from trouble, in the Slowlane executive suite at the Chapel End.


I feel this is as good a time as any to notify you of my Pacifist status. I have been registered with the Home Office as a Consciencous Objector since 1982, (three hours after the Falklands Invasion.)

I shall of course, however, do my bit in the event of “aggro”; you need only follow the grey trainers, pale blue jeans, brown jacket and black woollen thermal hat, the rear of which outfit you will see from the rear, receding swiftly into the distance at a speed Mo Farah would envy. :+1::+1:

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Ahhh…I now see I have misread your aggressive stance on Brexit.
So the sand filled sock that doesn’t show up on scanners (your recommendation I believe) was just affectation. :astonished:

It pains me to say that the only physical inconvenience ever afforded me by sand was in the early hours, on a warm moonlight beach in Tenerife. The young lady involved was none too comfortable either. :cry:

Ah yes The Falklands stories…

But they can be later
For now Every possible Saints Fan will be squeezed in to SMS today. They’ll turn up before kick off as usual.
It would be nice today if our fvcking team can turn u for the 1st half as well

Adama & Mnning dropped!
Bree back on the bench!

Aribo into CM was obvious

Still no Flynn

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We need a photo of @scotty holding your Umbrella to keep you dry en route to your suite from the limo

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Oh good grief

What the fuck is happening?

Goal kick Millwall hoof.
Free kick.
Bazunu comes gor it misees tge ball