:efl: Championship :saints: Saints v Ipswich Town :ipswichtownfc:

:saints: v :ipswichtownfc:

For the Giggles and Shits
  • We’re shit and we know we are…:saints: loss
  • Defensive mistake in the first minute, :ipswichtownf: score with their first shot on target, :saints: chase the game, :ipswichtownfc: score on the break with their pacy wide men, we all know how it goes :saints: to lose.
  • :saints: to win, yeah right, in some strange alternate reality.
  • score draw
  • bore draw

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Another home game, another loss incoming


We’re shit and we know we are

Unfortunately already taken


Going to this one. Was looking forward to until until Friday


The squad will look at a replay of Fridays game and see the fuck ups from start to finish they will see that the high press with no defence does not work and go back to 442 and totaly demolish the Tractor Boys


I think 4-4-2 with both Arma & Che is what messes our system up.
We should be

… then like Sunderland and Leicester before them, they will attack the Saints immediately from kick-off and score within thirty seconds, putting the game to bed before the first ball has gone out of play.

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Doesn’t matter what’s in front of it if that ‘4’ is shit.

Adding to the prospect the M3 is closed between junctions 11 and 12 after 9pm

Sulemanna Red Card appeal successful.
Available for the game.


Bednarek fit

Janni B back.

Well can’t be worse than…


Us, in the first thirty seconds…


Anybody having a beer in town before the game. I’m gracing the hallowed turf with my prescence tomorrow night. Got a bit of an afternoon on the beer opportunity too. Happy days. Meet up somewhere?

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View from Ipswich…

Quite hard to disagree.

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Boat Show.
Multiple Cruise Liners in Port.

Traffic carnage predicted

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Poll added to the OP

It would appear this is also televised on Sky. Gulp.