:efl: Championship :saints: Saints v Hull City :hullcityfc:

:saints: v :hullcityfc:

Predict the :saints: v :hullcityfc: Outcome
  • We will fucking rip them a new one and shove their heads up it…(what @NumptyBoi will say) :saints: to win
  • Recent form is very close, both won 4 out of their last 5, a score draw is on the cards.
  • Bore Draw
  • :saints: to boss possession and shots but fail to make the onion bag bulge, :hullcityfc: defend with 9 men behind the ball and score on the break, with a long ball over the top to their pacy forward, more than once. :hullcityfc: to win.
  • :saints: to swagger, boss possession and shots on target, McAdams to score a perfect hat-trick. :saints: to win at a canter.
  • tough game, both teams cancel each other out, :saints: to score early and then defend. :saints: will prevail though and win.

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One, One unbeaten

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Poll added to the OP.

The poll went tits up when he mention McAdams getting a hatrick not going to happen.


Ok so i git this new stream. Great game.
Here was the team for tomorrow.

Team tomorrow

Bazunu, Manning, Bednerak, THB, KWP, Smallbone, Rothwell, S Armstrong, Edozie, Mara, Adam Armstrong

Make of will what you that

‘The hardest decision at the moment is to pick a team’

Southampton boss Russell Martin says both he and his coaching staff must “maintain our energy” if the players are to “nail the things that we want to”.

The Saints got back to winning ways with a 2-0 victory at West Brom on Friday evening, but their focus has quickly turned to the next game against Hull on Tuesday night (19:45 GMT).

“I thought the changes we tried to make on Friday, the players handled so brilliantly and put on the pitch so brilliantly,” said Martin. "So I was really grateful for that, and Tuesday is a different test.

“There will be some different things that we’ve had a look at and worked on. Hopefully they go and carry them out as well as they possible can, as they did on Friday. We need it to be the game we want it to be.”

The Saints boss confirmed Che Adams will be back in the squad to face Hull, but there is still a decision to be made around central midfielder Flynn Downes. He admitted “it would be nice” to have both players back in contention for the game at St Mary’s.

Martin says the squad is in a “good place” and there is lots of competition to be in his starting XI: "We have decisions on our hands and problems. They are great problems but they are problems which mean I do lose a little bit of sleep every now and again because I care about the players.

"I said to the players this morning that the hardest decision at the moment is to pick a team and to leave some of them out. They could all be playing, and I genuinely mean that. They have all contributed so much so to leave players out then becomes so difficult, it’s the hardest part.

“I hope they understand that we’re always honest with them and I hope they respect that it’s always to try and get the best result for that game.”


We’ll fuck them up real good.

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We better I have a shedload of beer tokens on the outcome with Betfair


Nicked from the Historic Southampton FB group…


I’m the one without the cap. I got carried away and whizzed it down towards the Archers Road goal after legendary Arthur Scrimshaw scored our first goal. :lou_lol:

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We all know what’s coming then…

Wait, there be birds in that there crowd, that can’t be correct…I call deep fake.

How dare you great aunt Gladys was a season ticket holder, from 1899 until 1935 when she was banned for inappropriate dress at pre-match drinks…

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Damn, I’m sure I saw her show in the old Dell Gymnasium when they used to turn it into a Working Mans’ Club before the games on a Saturday

That’s her…she was a real trooper. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You’ve been associating with @scotty for too long. :joy:


Yeah I reckon that gets an

Oh really

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Strong bench!