:efl: Championship :saints: Saints v Huddersfield Town :huddersfieldtownfc:

:saints: v :huddersfieldtownfc:

Predict the :saints: v :huddersfieldtownfc: Outcome
  • “24, 24 Undefeated” and this is where it ends, :huddersfieldtownfc: to win
  • Beware the, possibly, new manager bounce. (c) @Polski_Filip :huddersfieldtownfc: to win
  • Score Draw
  • Bore Draw
  • Buoyed by their wet Tuesday night spanking of :watfordfc: the :saint: players produce another masterclass and make it “25, 25 Undefeated” :saints: to win.
  • I’m sure @Numptyboi is going to say “we’ll fucking rip them a new one” :saints: to win

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Back to league action, after the joys of the FA Cup…

Beware new manager syndrome

Haven’t got one yet, have they?

Still plenty of time!

I’m AFK now for a few days so have added an early poll to the OP.

Aribo in a penalty shootout to get back for this game

So no, he aint coming home.
Nigeria win 4-2 on penalties

Beware - I have a ticket

Are you feeling alright @Cobham-Saint love, or did you mash the wrong option…

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Fat fumbs :frowning:

Click the “Show Vote” button, change it.


Hadn’t realised I’d done it tbf

i’m fairly confident for a Southampton win.

AKA We’ll tear them cunts a fucking new arsehole.

The positivity is off the scale.

Are you sure you’re not @OzSaintDave ’s potty mouthed brother?

Sing when you win eh? Love the positivity! Life is positively positive when you are positive!!


Freddie Mercury, 1991.

“Typical, huh?!”
Paul Di’Anno - 1990

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Damn it!! Won’t load :roll_eyes: