:efl: Championship :saints: Possession Southampton v Blackburn Rovers :blackburnroversfc:

:saints: v :blackburnroversfc:

Predict the :saints: v :blackburnroversfc: Outcome
  • 78% possession 15 shots 3 on target 1 goal. :saints: to win with a clean sheet. (c) @PhilippineSaint
  • :blackburnroversfc: are 6th in the table on away form, :saints: are 6th in the table on home form :- score draw incoming…
  • bore draw
  • :saints: with their usual slow, ponderous, concrete booted attack. :blackburnroversfc: to easily nullify :saints: and to score from a long ball over the top to their pacey forward :blackburnroversfc: to win

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78% possession 15 shots 3 on target 1 goal
Saints to win with a clean sheet.

Someone has changed the thread title :slight_smile:

Form, what :blackburnroversfc: team will turn up??

:blackburnroversfc: are 6th in the table on away form :-


:saints: are 6th in the table on home form :-


Score draw incoming…

Poll added to the op

To watch Saints or limp my way around Malls doing Christmas shopping with Mrs P_F…

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Can you not sit in a bar in town with beer/ Vodka watching the football while she shops?

But then I’d be dead.

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Che dropped

Finally Martin understands Che & Arma cannot start together!

No Manning😇

Not sure what Bree did to get dropped but seen why Manning has lost his place twice now.

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Sometimes a left footed left back lets us not have to keep turning inside when we attack and as such it can speed up our attacks.

From Ultra-Slo-Mo to simply Turgid

Hopefully Edozie will make that difference on the left
Oh wait he’s right footed as well…

But if the player with a left foot has a track record for being a bit shite then I don’t get it.

Today we have moved KWP to the left and Bree is on the right.

Add a left footed defender to the shopping list.

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Nos Mirada
Mi futbol este en espanol con ESPN Desprtes

Manning sigue siendo una mierda en cualquier idioma.

Esta mucho cacka

¿Cómo carajos no hemos marcado?

we had a shot off target only another 11 of these to go


Bree tiene un tiro al arco

La Stadion Santa Maria - bellisimo…