:efl: Championship Playoffs 2nd Leg - :saints: Saints v West Bromwich Albion :westbromfc:

:saints: v :westbromfc:

Predict the :saints: v :westbromfc: Outcome
  • Advantage SFC. West Brom only won 6 away games drawing 8 losing 9 :saints: to win in normal time (c) @waylander
  • :saints: to do what they have done all season, boss the possession but fail to score. :westbromfc: player Rick O’Shea to score in the 93rd minute :westbromfc: to win regulation in time
  • :saints: to win in regulation time
  • :saints: to win after extra time
  • :saints: to win on penalties
  • :westbromfc: to win in regulation time
  • :westbromfc: to win after extra time
  • :westbromfc: to win on penalties

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0-0 after the first leg at the Hawthorns, all to play for in this leg…

Antipodean greetings from @OzSaintDave & fingers crossed for a result…

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sorting out the moles ?

Poll added to the OP

Exclusive time teavelled video of our first attack tonight.
Che is clearly back


A friend just asked -

How many “must win” games have we won in the past 3 seasons?

Every time we get all worked up…

We will lose tonight on penalties, after dominating possession for 120 minutes.

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Went for a lucky haircut.
Turned out to be free beer Friday- red & white bottle as well.
Must be a sign!



All pubs in Bedford Place are rammed



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Fair fucking play to all those outside the ground creating that atmosohere. Some turnout. If that doesnt get the players in the mood, nothing will.


God, it’s as @pap once said (I seem to recall) a funeral dirge :roll_eyes:

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I just cannot see us winning tonight

Absolutely mobbed at the ground. Turnstiles not open yet :confused:

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