:efl: Championship :hullcityfc: Hull City v Southampton :saints:

:hullcityfc: v :saints:

Predict the :hullcityfc: v :saints: outcome
  • Another gritty draw incoming…
  • :saints: to somehow prevail and win
  • :hullcityfc: work out :saints: gameplan and neutralise any threat, :hullcityfc: to win at a canter.
  • something about grabbing the tiger by the tail by @PhilippineSaint , :saints: to win

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Another gritty draw incoming…

We will take the Tiger by the tail and win this handsomely

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Surely I can’t predict two accurate results in a row?

1:0 t’Northerners.

Son in town
My 65th Thursday
Air BnB next to The Singer Club
We may make the Rugby but sod Saints will still be coming back from Friday night out

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Surely not young man. Still, @lifeintheslowlane is beating you hands down :wink:

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Another year and he’ll be able to shout…66 clickety click, two bad hips. :crazy_face:


Hips don’t lie
Knees just scream

We are going to Hull in and hand basket

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@ericofarabia is going…

  • @BTripz needs to build a poll
  • No he doesn’t

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Added to the OP

Have we scored yet?

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Yep Smallbone. :slight_smile:

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BBC text is being run by @Polski_Filip

Confirmed - Saints score …. 0:1



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Fuck 1 - 1

Go to sleep straight after scoring. How Saintsy is that?