:efl: Championship :coventrycityfc: Coventry City v Southampton :saints:

:coventrycityfc: v :saints:

Predict When :coventrycityfc: Will Nick A Draw/Win
  • 1st-15th minute
  • 16th-30th minute
  • 31st-45th minute
  • Added time at end of First Half
  • 46th-60th minute
  • 61st-70th minute
  • 71st-80th minue
  • 81st-90th minute
  • Added time at end of 2nd half

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Predict The :coventrycityfc: v :saints: Outcome
  • :saints: defence collapses in injury time and :coventrycityfc: nick a draw
  • :saints: defence collapses in injury time and :coventrycityfc: nick a win
  • :saints: to dominate posession, not create any chances and lose to a powderpuff shot from outside the box :saints: to lose
  • :saints: to win and to win well putting all the doubters to shame
  • :coventrycityfc: have lost once and drawn 5 at home this season, recent 2-0 thumping of Birmingham will have them on a high, :coventrycityfc: to win
  • bore draw
  • score draw

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Quick turnaround on this one, ready for another tactical, possession based draw up at the Ricoh arena?

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Can this weeks poll be to guess the minute in injury time when Saints defence collapses and they nick a draw/win?

Coventry have lost once and drawn 5 at home.

A draw is good


Done…sort of

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:coventrycityfc: home form this season (played, won, drew, lost, scored, conceded, gd, points


:saints: away form this season


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I’m guessing it’s either Aribo in for Charly or Downes in for Aribo…

No Downes OR Charly…


We’re overdue a defeat. That starting line up isn’t making me think any different.

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Aribo looks like he’s wearing old fashioned divers boots

He borrowed them from Sterling.

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Pressure building…more pressure building…yet more pressure building…


But too slow

Is this our good half…or are we softening them up for the second half…

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Aribo was fine in CM but is looking awful in the front 3. Just off the pace
And thank fook mo VAR. That was a pen by Smallbone

Not sure meself…I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Tater just said Bazunu’s had nothing to do apart from one punch out.

Coventry goal incoming.