:efL: Championship :bristolcityfc: Bristol City v Saints :saints: (Live on :sky_logo:)

:bristolcityfc: v :saints: (Live on :sky_logo:)

Was a tough game at St Mary’s, but I think we’ve improved since then and are scoring more freely.


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  • Brizzlel to win and end the Saints historic winning run
  • Saints to put Brizzzle to the sword and extend the run to 26 games
  • Bore Draw
  • Score Draw
  • Betfair to re-open @philippineSaint’s account so he can win a load of dosh

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Thanks @PhilippineSaint

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I thought you were still getting your tires changed :slight_smile:

Got back to the U ok K last night, surprisingly had a good, non delayed trip back, even managed to catch an earlier train.

Those bastards at ESPN have put the Saints game on the only ESPN channel we cannot receive again


Dont you get Supersports or even BeIn Spirts?

We need to fuck this lot up. I used to live in Bristol and loved it - superb place for a student / young larrikin - but any fondness for the place is put to one side tonight as we need to put these cunts to the sword. Saints to win 3-1.


Footage of @PhilippineSaint watching the game via his back-up system!



That floats better than some of the rigs I have been on :thinking:

Nervous about this one - I’m not going for the first time since I became the lucky mascot


Fraser has been on fire, has one game at only 110% and gets dropped

Hell of an early effort by THB.
Luckily Bazunu was awake or it would have been an epic OG

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Another Huddersfield in bound
Again just off our rhythm

Getting to grips with it now