:efl: Championship :blackburnroversfc: Blackburn Rovers v Southampton :saints:

:efl: Championship :blackburnroversfc: v :saints:

We’ve been found out by the rest of the league.

Blackburn to tear us a new one.

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What he said…

And a waste of my good beer stock sitting down to watch


I’m just relieved that our perennial optimist @OzSaintDave isn’t here to witness this pervasive defeatism. :cry:

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Reason being coz perennial defeatist rule the world. When you work out life is meant to be enjoyable, and actually enjoy it, I’ll be back

I figured that one out seven years ago, and ditched the cause of my woes. Been thoroughly enjoying life ever since, Saints ups and downs are no more than a minor niggle in the scheme of things.

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Oh it is at the moment believe me, I’m just a realist about Saints…




How many winning games of our unbeaten run did Jack Stephens play?

  • We’ve been found out by the rest of the league. Blackburn to tear us a new one.
  • Saints were hurt by the Ipswich result and will rip Blackburn a new one
  • Bore draw
  • Score draw
  • What he said
  • Saints huff and puff and eventually the ball gets blown over the Blackburn line Saints to win

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I’d do the poll but it doesnt include.

The idiot has picked Stephens again. Another lare loss incoming.

Ohand FFSnot Che & Arma

Not only has he picked him he is captain.

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@Polski_Filip can you please translate this into Polish from the language you have written it in.

I don’t really understand why Smallbone has fallen out of favour, he’s been one of our most creative players this season IMO.

If anyone wins a new android phone let me know…

Space bar failure
At least not Che & Arma

More like Space time continuum failure

Or Old Age