:efl: Championship :birminghamcityfc: Birmingham City v Southampton :saints:

Acres of space.
Someone fvcked up

Manning for not covering

Manning for the touch that took it over Baz

Well, I’m certainly glad I raced home to see the start of this. :+1::+1:

FFS. :unamused:

Very nearly 2 down. Manning and Adams conspiring to fuck us up real good

Players arguing with each otger after that move breaks down

Something really wrong in the set up in front of Manning.
They have acres of space and we aren’t getting anything going down that side

GET IN…1 - 1 AA 20mins

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He must be miles offside!

If the goal stands he ain’t offside. :lou_lol:

Well, I see we’re on usual form

Am only following on the slow BBC live text today so I’ll keep you up to speed @Polski_Filip :wink:


He shoots…he hits the post.

Snow…real snow!

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Indeed. The bird was complaining about that this morning, in Worcester.

You call that snow?

Yep sub zero rain = snow. :+1:

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How does tgat stay out!

Ohhhh FUCK…not again. :lou_facepalm_2:

Acres of space again
Janny B out of position took out Manning when he missed the header

Match stats on BBC say birmingham have had 2 shots on target and we’re 2-1 down. This reminds me very much of our early season defensive performances.

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