Cash out or Not

Should I cash out my bet on Saints to beat Man City ?

Its already in profit but not enough to retire on?

Ive just checked Lawro’s predictions for this week and mine are the bloody same except the Saints one. Looks like I am on a loser :cry:

Leg 1: Match Result Everton - 1.95

Everton v Bournemouth 15:00

Leg 2: Match Result Newcastle - 2

Newcastle v C Palace 15:00

Leg 3: Match Result Watford - 1.7

Watford v Aston Villa 15:00

Leg 4: Match Result West Brom - 3.7

West Brom v West Ham 15:00

Leg 5: Match Result Arsenal - 1.25

Arsenal v Norwich 17:30

Cashing out is for wimps.


Hope you did not cash out!

Originally posted by @Sfcsim

Hope you did not cash out!

left it on 184.00 winnings :slight_smile:

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