Caroline Aherne RIP

Caroline Aherne RIP


Really talented actress/writer comedienne died today. By all accounts genuinely funny in real life, a natural. I wasn’t a huge fan of The Royle Family, found it a bit maskish. Mrs Merton was just a great comedy creation.


Maskish … Meant to say Mawkish


You can edit your posts here, Ted. No charge.

Caroline Aherne’s passing has been remarked on in the Death thread. No issue whatsoever with a separate thread for this dearly missed talent, but I think people are just getting weary of death’s long reach this year. Trying to keep the sadness in one place.

FWIW, I didn’t say much on the other thread apart from announce her death.

When people say the Royle family is authentic, I know it. ms pap’s dad is very much like Jim Royle, unmoveable in a fog of cigarette smoke.

Another huge favourite of mine, from slightly before, are the Paul and Pauline Calf Video Diaries. They’re similar in that they both take the piss out of the North, but where I felt Coogan and pals were mocking it, she really loved it.


Mrs Merton on bbc1 as we speak. Strange coincidence. I loved Mrs Merton and The Royal Family as excellent when it started but lost its way a little towards the end. I agree with the mawkish comment, Ted. When it started though it was great…it mirrored many of my family experiences. My mum loved it and so did I, which was very rare and showed that it spoke to a broad range of people.