Carlisle to Middlesbrough - Cycle Event

As part of my cycling mayhem I am looking to Cycle from Carlisle to Middlesbrough for the last away game of the season on Saturday 13th May - 15:00 kick off.

It will be about a 10 hour cycle, but allowing for stoppages and any bike problems, this could be 12 hours in total. So I am going to do this starting on Friday then completing on Saturday.

The total miles are 105.7 and they are via cycle routes 72 and 14. I am thinking of cycling 75.4 to Durham, getting a few drinks in and my head down ready for the final 30.3 miles to The a Riverside.

I am in contact with Middlesbrough FC about the possibility of getting comp tickets, a bike lock up and maybe even meeting some of the players. I have already had a donation from Southampton FC of a signed Pennant (of the cup final squad, hopefully cup winners 2017) that I am going to auction off to raise more money, for the children’s hospital.

The charity for this cycle might be kicking racism out of football, who I am also in talks with at the moment, but if not all for the Children Hospital.

Now I do not mind doing this on my own, but I would like others (maybe Northern based Saints) to join me for this cycle, because it is easier and more fun with others. You would need to be up in Carlisle the Thursday evening (we have room at the Sim household) or in the morning on Friday. Want to set off at 8/9 in the morning.

Will hopefully only have to pay for an overnight stay B&B on the Friday night, then any food, drink (beer money).

Either Mrs Sfcsim wiill come out with the wagon and the 5 x bike carrier to take us back in the 7 seater after the game, or if more than 5 the train back.

Please let me know if any of you lot are interested in joining me.



No one… great :lou_facepalm_2:

Give it time, it’s a lot to arrange. Your fellow cyclists(never known to be first on the scene) will be along soon enough.

Might be interested in meeting up at a pub near(very) the ground(it could be an important game). Then you can embarrass any lazy people into making a donation.

Oh I know, but only 1 person had looked at this when I posted my reply (4 hours). I will do it on my own, but support of a team would be great, not just for morale, but it would be fun, good fun.

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Interested… But have a slight challenge… Head to France for a weeks cycling sans family the following Thursday… So have already used up a lot of brownie points and and extra days work hols might be a struggle

could do it if you decided to go early Saturday morning - it’s approx 170km… So is doable in 8-9 hours so leave at 5am and be there for KO?

Let me sound out work and more importantly Mrs Ferret…

Yes, I was thinking about 1 day, but it could be pushing it. Not bothered about the early start, perhaps they will change the kick off to the evening for this 6 pointer? Hopefully not change to a mid day kick off!