:carabao_cup: Carabao (EFL) Cup Semi-Final, 2nd Leg - :newcastlefc: Newcastle United v Saints :saints:

:newcastlefc: v :saints:, Carabao Cup Semi-Final, 2nd Leg

Yay, I get to kick the tread off!! So you know what the time is for right??

In the end, I have no crystal ball to say why I think we could/will win but I have a bucketload of hope in my heart that says we CAN win! Very important trait to have in a two horse race!

Yes, the odds are so far stacked against us that we literally have a free hit at this, no pundit would have us coming anywhere near close to overturning this one but in the tradition of a home and away tie, ONE GOAL is all we need to turn it on it’s head.

Also, don’t discount the pressure The Toon will be under to get to the final and also consider how many past examples of our situation are littered in the annals of time where the first leg loser get’s the chocolates.

C’mon bros! Get behind the team at least up until ya’s lose your nerve/faith/will lol


We have no fvcking chance.
Which is why I changed the date of my UK trip to land & be in London area weekend of 26th Feb

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We will win by 2 clear goals and all the Geordie’s onboard will be jumping from the helideck into the ogin. :smile: :smile:


I still dread seeing the team sheet - with the unexpected and strange selections, it’s like Ralph never left.

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film it - it would make an amazing gif


Our gardener is a long-suffering Saints fan, whose resolute cynicism about the club makes me look like a picture of optimism.

However, he confidently predicts a Saints win and progression to the next round tomorrow. I don’t know what has produced this utterly uncharacteristic burst of expectancy from him, but he refuses to be shaken on it.



I’ve had a word in his shell like


Lads, you’re going to have to do this one without me - am doing more interesting things like not talking Saints in the pub 🤷🏼

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Luckily for you its a not god awfully early kickoff around these parts! I’ll put a dose of enthusiasm in for you!


With the greatest of respect that could be incredibly good news.
Your recent not following the game while in a Pub record is not shit

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(God willing)

Hoping for Jhon Viafara ‘sorry to spoil the party’ vibes. But with a win, obvs!

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Have we won yet? :beers:

Yes all done and dusted 1-3 saints JWP hatrick



At St Mary’s in the first leg there was two Newcastle pundits (Given and Les Ferdinand) to one Franny Benali. So surely that would be reversed tonight in the second leg…

Oh wait, there’s Shay Given and David Ginola. Seems fair and definitely won’t add to the media bias :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

COYS, stick it up ‘em.


Great. Bree ahead of Perrauld. Diallo ahead of Lavia. Bednarek ahead of Caletta-Carr.