:carabao_cup: Carabao (EFL) Cup Semi-Final, 1st Leg - :saints: Saints v Newcastle United :newcastlefc:

:saints: v :newcastlefc: - Carabao Cup, Semi-Final, First Leg


Last night, Mrs P_F was WFH late.
When Mara scored I Oofed she gave me daggers
When Moussa scored I screamed
She gave me shit - waking the kids etc.

Earlier tonight I apologised and showed her Moussa’s goal.

Her reply?
Holy fvcking shit, no wonder you screamed, Wow, just fvcking wow.
She’s a keeper


Joelinton got pulled for drink driving yesterday - court case is in between legs - wonder if he will feature at all

Would she have saved it?


Is she better than Baz?






There are 3 things that give me hope in this.

  1. Beating Man City in the last round
  2. Newcastle have had 3 x 0-0 and 1 x 1-0 in their last 4 league games (Palace, Arsenal, Fulham & Leeds) and lost to Sheffield Wednesday in the FA Cup.
  3. When we played Liverpool in the semi final with 2 x 1-0 wins I gave us no hope and they were pretty much like Newcastle are now, at the time.

We will see. I just don’t think Jones has the same tactical ability as Puel for these kind of games.


Fucking hell!!:dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::smile:

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I just listened to the press conference.

Bednarek (or Yanny B as Jones called him. I shit you not) is back because we needed a ‘leader’. Yup.

Once again the excuses come out about us having young players.

  • we need Yanny B because we need a leader alongside these young players
  • Lavia, being managed carefully because we can’t overload young players coming straight out of development football. Otherwise it’ll cause injuries like his first one and those of Tino and Larios (where the fuck is he btw?)

Begs the question, why did we double down on this strategy in the summer or at least not anticipate it and react by acquiring adequate cover?

Fuck right off - this is the same “Wazza” bullshit that Mclaren was guilty of for England

Stop trying to be their mate and get the useless wankers playing football


I case you thought I was joking.

Ok he was a cnut.
But equally Ralph was not in his best place and they fell out

But. We are a small team. We have a shortage of height defending set pieces.
We have 3 fit CBs.
The Danish lad & Jackson dont look like tall Dominating in aerial battles types.
As a bench warmer he is a decent option.
I’d have preferred Dawson but he wanted to move oop north.
He’s played with Salisu KWP & Perraud, he will take less time to be ready to come off the bench.
It isnt popular but it’s sensible


This. He was decent before, not world beating but decent. Needs to get back to being decent again. Got a lot more experience, including for Poland, than all of the others.

Lavia being protected makes a ton of sense. The two new overseas lads needing a couple of weeks of training, likewise

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Him falling out with Ralph had nothing to do with him asking to be left out of the cup quarter final, nor his comments about needing to join a bigger club when he joined Villa on LOAN.

We need unity and togetherness right now yet the examples above don’t exactly suggest he’s down for the cause.

Am in the pub after day in the office. Pub has Sky.

Not showing game.



Hang on, that happened before.
Don’t move Pubs.
We might win