:carabao_cup:⚽ Carabao (EFL) Cup Quarter Final - :Saints: Saints v Manchester City :mancityfc:

Carabao (EFL) Cup Quarter Final - :saints: Saints v Manchester City :mancityfc:

Forgotten about this game TBH, wonder if the “resurgence” under NJ can continue.

  • :saints: to win in normal time
  • :mancityfc: to win in normal time
  • :saints: to win on penalties
  • :mancityfc: to win on penalties
  • :mancityfc: to comprehensively destroy :saints: in the first half, :saints: fans boo the team off at half time and leave the stadium in droves, NJ goes apoplectic on the sideline and actually explodes. Sean Dyche installed as manager on Thursday morning.
  • “Citeh fields youth team. Saints first team obliterated” © @Cobham-Saint

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“Citeh fields youth team. Saints first team obliterated”

No need for a poll @BTripz


meh my option is better than yours :slight_smile:

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Going to this one

Good luck and God speed. :pray:



Usual football-going mate is a City supporter

A less than full strength City are tearing Chelsea a new one. 3-0 now. Gulp.

We are so fucking doomed

I reckon that double digits is on the cards

:notes: and we’ve still got Harland, De Bruyne and Grealish on the bench :notes:

I’m a glutton for punishment so I’m going to watch this. To keep it interesting I’m going to play Jonesy bingo with the following words and phrases:

  1. “With the greatest respect”
  2. “Aggressive”
  3. “Front foot”
  4. “Coal mining”
  5. “God be willing we’ll keep the score down to single digits”
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Jones was also asked in his pre-match press conference about the availability of new signing Mislav Oršić, who joined on Friday from Dinamo Zagreb and had his first full training session at Staplewood today.

“That’s a daily thing we have to assess,” said Jones. “Obviously, he hasn’t played much football since scoring the winner in the World Cup third-fourth play-off.

Which was 3 weeks ago on the 17th December… :man_shrugging:t2:

Jones admits he didn’t watch the Forest game.

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Even if he hasn’t played in three years, its hard to see how his inclusion will make the team any worse

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It’s a myth. Our eyes have clearly deceived us. Case closed, nothing to see here.

What he actually said was
“What we want to do is be front footed and play quick attacking football its a myth”

Which is exactly what we have seen.



Who is going tonight?

I am giving this a swerve - January is miserable enough


I didn’t get a ticket for this one which is unusual for me, given the advanced stage of the tournament.

However I am a shit forecaster, (see my recent SuperBru performance) and predict a hefty defeat for us this evening. I’ll be watching the game from behind the sofa.

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I will go with the FA cup prediction.

Have I said we will win this one yet :rofl::rofl: