Canary Islands

Canary Islands


So last week we went to Lanzarote - which wasn’t grotty.

I made mention in another thread that the hotel (H10 Rubicon Palace) was a bit noisy around the pool area but was it was quite nice. But gosh the Brits are super at bagging sunbeds these days. We spent a lot of time out of the hotel exploring Cesar Manrique houses and works. Also the mars like landscape. I reallly loved it. I forgot to ask you guys for suggestions. But as we may go back is there anything we may have missed (it’s a small island so I am thinking maybe not!)

Think we may go back but anyone been to Fuerteventura / Tenerife / La Gomera / La Palma / El Hierro Islands?


Looks really beautiful.

I’ve been to Tenerife but wasn’t very impressed. Mind you, I was on a stag do and we stayed in San Antonio which is wall to wall drunken Brits (and the place to be seen is Linekers Bar !!)

I’ve been told other parts of the island are better but I still wouldn’t go back, not when there’s alternatives within the same group of islands.


Been to Lanzarote. While there we actually did the catamaran trip over to Fuerteventura. We weren’t there for long, but in general it had bigger dunes, and far less in the way of local planning ordnance. You know the way that every dwelling in Lanzarote is white and green? They don’t do that.

Bit of a nightmare last time we went, although that was nothing to do with the place. Like most places attached to Spain, I suspect it was a shitload cheaper during the days of the peseta. Mainland Spain certainly was.