Can we avoid a cricket score at Old Trafford, the battle of good v evil

Can we avoid a cricket score at Old Trafford, the battle of good v evil


Old Trafford next Saturday for another telvised drubbing. Can Saints stop the Devils or will we be cast down.

Not feeling optimistic about this one, despite Man United’s stuttering form, 2 or 3-0 to them and MoPo MKII to be gone come New Years Day!

Fill your boots!!


What have the Chinese said?


hopefully something along the lines of…

因噎废食 Yīn yè fèi shí [yin ye fei shi]

(literal translation): because choke abandon eat

(contextual translation): It is foolish to refuse to eat just because of the chance of choking

(meaning): Life does not come without risks. Risk of failure is not an argument for not trying


Well man Utd ate currently losing 0-2 at home to Burnley. They’re going to take that out on our arse.


Just watched the post match interview. The manager looks well and truly beaten and I’m not sure he’s got it in him to pick the team up.

He also confirmed that Austin’s injury is more serious and will be out for some weeks. Not great news and terrible timing it has to be said.


We’re shit 4-0 to united.





Bālǐ shìgè báichī

Thank you Google Translate

But, yes I see 4 goals separating the two teams by the end of the game.


Man Utd brought it back to 2-2 with an injury time equaliser against Burnley. That means they won’t have the anger in their bellies and will go easy on us.



I’m going straight to hell for finding the translation being pronounced as ‘bally’ totally hilarious.


It went in as “Barry is an idiot” but came out with a nugget of pure comedy gold (to me at least).

Barry is dead. Long live Bally!!

The Soviet need to propose and vote through a site amendment to change Barry Sanchez to Bally Sanchez - so our new owners can actually say his name…


Good god, who knows. We will not win, or draw. 5-0


Are you for hire at parties and stag dos?


Yep Bally



Male stripper?


Well… like Mauricio said post match, there’s positives to be taken, so IF we can take those positives into the Man U game then there’s no reason to think we can’ lose by more than 4.


How much you willing to pay?



£20 per inch per hour


£0.38 for an 8-hour shift?

I’m out.


2 shit teams battle it out. Any signs on Pahars to save the day?