Can someone catch me up please?

Been out of sorts and out of touch for a few weeks now.

Had a big knee op and still getting over it. so what’s been going on ? Any major beefs I need to know about before posting the wrong thing ?

Whos changed names/religions/sex/glove side ?

Anyway , I’ll go and wander about and have a look in some corners.


shouldn’t be hard to catch up with someone with a dodgy knee

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Shhhhhhhhhhh! He’s back!

Don’t tell him what we said about him!


Hope the knee is ok Sussex?

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Lou’s back :lou_lol:

Chutney Ferret nee Gay Abandon nee Cracked Ribs has been picking fights with all and sundry,.

He’d be able to start an argument in solitary confinement.


Pap has decided that Corbyn is unelectable and Bletch has embraced Scientology after seeing a rerun of Top Gun - other than that, nowt has happened.

Our resident ITK merchant came and went.


?? I’m still here!

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Sorry Bear, I should have said our Schitt ITK came and went.

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We had some good arguments on the EU thread!

Oh yeah…we’ve all converted to Islam and grown big fuzzy beards but Bearsy can’t carry it off. He looks like a Hipster Hampster!

Fuck, where do I start?

Goatboy hasn’t been arrested yet. His van is still for hire at reasonable rates.

Chutney isn’t gay or abandoned any more.

Bearsey is still snaffling free WiFi porn from Burger king :crown:

Bletch has given up his butlering duties and has become a S&M dungeon mistress

Super Mikey has gone on the game and will be renting out his ass in an area near you soon.

Pap is overthrowing the World. If you could meet him at Liverpool Lime Street for a concentrated leaflet campaign tomorrow that should do it nicely.

Apologies to everyone else for no name check…can’t be arsed.

Apologies for all inaccuracies - have been “working” with a client in the pub…


I think we’re generally over the Brexit scraps that were ongoing at the time. Minor flashbacks every now and then.

The Other Place thread has been fired up again. Halo is back and posting regularly. We’ve lost Jack Schitt for now. I retain hopes that he’ll be back. I will make an overture once the window shuts. Didn’t want to do it during the window, as not to seem self-serving.

Tokes and I have settled into a natural ceasefire. Whelk popped back the other day.

Signups are back to normal, general contribution is higher from a greater number of posters.

I am taking the path that all forum owners do and posting more on Twitter than I do here. Frankly, and despite what you may have heard from hypo, there simply aren’t enough borderline communists here


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Aye he’s a right cunt in weasel guise…

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Stockholm Syndrome :lou_sunglasses: