There is an English speaking part and there is a French speaking part. The French speaking part dominates government and the English speaking part is pretty fucked off about it at the moment. They’ve had enough. Things are getting a bit nasty in fact. We (the British) have some blame here.

Check out Mvomeka’s airport on Google maps to see how a typical Cameroonian lives.

Hadn’t seen anything mentioned about the protests in the BBC news so just though I’d mention it incase people had developed an interest in the country as result of AFCON success.

Last time I was in Cameroon I got washed back up on the beach in a Zodiac dinghy at a place called Limbe after spending a lovely afternoon on the beach drinking beer with the locals and having a knockabout game of football with them., Nearly arrested by the local Militia because I didnt have my passport on me as it was back at the vessel. Then got nearly bit to death by mosquito’s in the restaurant that we had to stay in overnight, as the local militia would not let us leave during the hours of darkness, but would arrest us if we were still there at daybreak in the morning.

Although this does give me a perfect excuse to drink gin and tonic. “its medicinal keeps the malaria at bay dear”

Eventually when leaving the country I refused to pay a bribe to the immigration official and he kept me waiting till the plane was nearly due to leave before he would stamp me out.

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