Calling the wazza from Dubai

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Been rumbled as his alter ego :joy::joy::joy:

The Wayne Rooney of Dubai. Hmmm.


That must be a year old now that thread. The golf stuff was epic,cknowilng they hated it but whenever one of the trolls tookover a good thread,just diverting with golf worked every time.
Far better than arguing with Bazza all the time

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You know what you now need to do here @Polski_Filip

Looks like Rory may have cut a big break in the HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship.
Was first on the course with Lee & Faggot Man, but there was a 3 hour fog delay.
(Ah must tell you the Fog delay & Mrs P_F story some tme)
Anyway, Rory shot 8 under - one of his best opening rounds in ages AND was frequently out driving Faggot Man & Lee by up to 80yards.
The first round never had a chance to finish and those out on the course were blasted by strong winds making scoring much more difficult then it got dark, and with 64 players yet to finish it looks very much like Rory will only have to play a couple of holes in the wind tomorrow before coming back to finish round 2on Saturday in the morning calm.

A great start in a tournament with a lot of Ryder Cup points at stake. Faggot Man was +1
Hopefully tomorrow my man will have reported back on how good the Hospitality is. - was last seen asleep under a palm clasping a pleasant Rioja.

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Worked like a charm :+1:

I’m trying to work out who Faggot Man is and whether it’s homophobic?

Must like offal meat balls


This is the safest pic I found on Google. Don’t search for β€œfaggot man”


e.g. I’m going out for a short faggot.

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Went all golf in joke on you all. Just warming up obv.

Justin Thomas