:saints: Calling Saints Memorabilia Fanatics

Free to a good home.

My treasured memory of a very ordinary season.

I remember well shelling out 3/-6d for my season ticket in Centre West Stand at The Dell for the season 1939-40.
Faithful old retainer Chambers Snr. would hitch up the black matching pair to our shooting brake and he would load the capacitous wicker hamper and earthenware flagons of local ale into the back.

We would set out at a cracking gallop along the dusty roads, running down a few of the careless old folk who had the habit of wandering too far out into our path. Oh how we laughed.

We would decamp at midday on The Common to partake of such niceties as Jugged Hare and Brawn sandwiches cut into neat triangles, swilled down with Strongs Brown Ale. By 3 o’clock we were well sated and ready for the game.

So it is will some sadness, in my twilight years I offer this very valuable Saints Handbook for that final Pre-war season.

It’s yours if you plead humbly for it…Message me your address and I will have Chambers deliver it personally.

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Wow - I love this sort of stuff

Do you want anything for it?

Free to a good home. :slight_smile: It’s small 9 x 16 cm
Message me your address.

If it turns out to be worth a fortune and you turn out to be a capitalist pigdog and flog it, you can make a donation to The Saints Foundation. :lou_lol:


Have done that

Agreed re the Saints Foundation! - and I’ll definitely buy you a few beers at a Sotonians pre-game sesh - when some semblance of normality is resumed

Thanks again

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It will be in the post before 4pm that’s when the postie empties the local box. :lou_lol:

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I like the fact that it cost 1d but they would post it for free for 2d


It’s clearly genuine.
The British Museum kept one of the pennies @lifeintheslowlane used to pay for it


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Just goes to show…some things are cheaper now than Pre-war. :lou_wink_2: