Bye bye Mauricio



It’s at times like this you need @jack-schitt back.

Had to go.


Inevitable after Saturday…even he wasn’t convinced he was the man for the job when asked…he said “I am still the manager”


It’s the right move but changing manager has two actions; sacking one and appointing another.

We need to be careful what we wished for.

I’m guessing we’ll go for an internal (temporary) appointment?

Looks like we found some cash down the back of the directors’ box seats to pay the compo too.

It’s the right decision. We now have a 10% chance of staying up compared to 0%*

(*Not scientific)



Right lets start again.

Jamie Carrager first up to Les’s office

Only about 2 months too late.

Don’t worry lads, I will be forwarding my CV.

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Had to happen. It may be that Pellegrino would make an excellent head coach, but a manager (or whatever job title he had) he wasn’t. Who’ll take over though? Do we have anyone at the club who could step up? Or do we have a replacement already lined up? Hard to imagine, as I’d have thought that would have been announced.

Rather fittingly, the club web site appears to have crashed…


Mixed emotions tbh. MP always ticked a lot of the boxes for me. Good head of hair. Tall. Handsome. Gentle manners too, you know. If I came home and found him banging my Mrs, I’d happily watch. Maybe even join in!

But somehow it was never quite enough. I spose all the good hair in the world can’t save you from being a useless fucking cunt. There’s a lesson for us all in that rip.


He’s me from the future, with a hazy memory of future Saints managerial appointments.

When he said that Pellegrini would be our manager, he was just one vowel, and one year out. It wasn’t good enough for @bearsy and his big bet, but it was good enough for me.

Fuck, Cobs, don’t you know _anything _about Sotonians lore? :lou_sunglasses:


I’ve never been v.keen on Mark Hughes, but I can totally see him getting the gig tbh.

We need a complete makeover with a manager to match. We could become the dock land rats like Rotterdam. A trip to St Marys should be like Mombassa dockside not Sandbanks. Carrager could take the club by the scruff of its neck, organise the defence and invest in some committed players for next season

Step forward Marco Silva with a hefty 7 figure bonus if we stay up…


I’d be happy with JWP as player-manager as he’s got an O Level in Geography.


Now for Reed, too late, far too late.

Any word from the Chinese?

Tbf @pap I have enough trouble remembering the day of the week let alone who may had said what and when…


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