Bye bye bye bye, Graziano

Bye bye bye bye, Graziano


This could have been covered in the transfers thread, but I feel the man deserves his own thread.

Gone to China on a huge payday.

Thoughts and floral tributes please.


:lou_sad: I never even got to tell my great pelle joke


Done the right way so long Graziano and thanks for all the fish.


Sorry to see him go but it is an amazing move for his bank balance, if not his career. At least Batman will be happy on The Dark Side and is probably cracking one off as I type!


Oops sorry, I never want to be accused of being an ism ist and that previous post was in no way meant to imply gratitude for attracting Milfs to watch Saints play.

In fact it had nothing to do with milfs at all. Not even skates.

Ah fuck it.

Lucky sod, part time football, huge wads of winga and his Misses with nothing to do all day long apart from go shopping have facials, spas work out with her own fitness trainer

(where do I apply?)


I really enjoyed watching Pelle play for Saints. Sure he could be frustrating, but he was always a handful for defenders. I bet there are a few PL centre halves happier today and a few Soton ladies unhappy about not seeing the big fella next season.


Go on, tell us anyway…


Go on, tell us anyway…


Oh no! Such a gorgeous looking fellah - we’ll never get such a fit replacement :lou_sad:


Right 2 top strikers out… Incoming?


Yes and such a lovely g/f too, I think Graziano thinks so too…


Not the greatest striker to don the shirt but he did score a couple of crackers, and he was a laugh most of the time, so I’m glad he’s made a few quid.

6/10 for play, 9/10 for entertainment value.

Ciao and all the best.


He also had a great game in goal for Portugal last night.


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:lou_sad: I never even got to tell my great pelle joke

Go on, tell us anyway…

It’s the Greatest Pelle Joke Ever!!! I will only reveal it tho if beltch gets 10 or more downvotes in advance, bc i know he will say something sarcastic when I unveil the Great Joke.

Edit: Beltch, can you post something pls so ppl can downvote on you pls?


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a great deal for someone of his age, in the last year of contract and whose legs aren’t going to carry him for much longer. The only poster I’ve ever seen Pelle outpace is Ron vlaar.


Well damn. Now who am I going to ogle?



Jobs lot of slick hairstyle plastic wigs going cheap! This is the worse thing since I went to cash in on my pumpkin shares in November last year!


Didn’t know they posted here, tbh.


Always thought it was a shame that he never got a proper song.

The main one was a reworking of “der der der der, fucking useless”, which I felt was both unimaginative and may have subliminally contributed to his leaner periods :lou_sunglasses: