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With a handful of games left before the end of the season, how do Sotonians see the title race and the relegation battle unfolding?

Chelsea are almost certainly going to pick up the title for me, barring a horrible run of form they’re nailed on for it.

The bottom half is where the intrigue is. Sunderland are doomed and Boro are looking increasingly likely to join them shortly. Hull are on fire at the moment and look as if they’re going to pull themselves away, Swansea have played well of late but have been unfortunate at times. Palace had a good run up until the other night but are looking shaky too. I can see them getting sucked into the battle even further as their next 3 games are against Arsenal, a resurgent Leicester and Liverpool.

Even if we have nothing to play for at this point, it’ll certainly be an interesting end to the season!


I’d like Palace & West Ham to get relegate, but don’t think it will happen cos I’m not allowed to have Nice Things.


I’m with Bear on this one, but it will need Boro to win every game between now and the end of the season for that to happen, I’d happily lose to them if it meant them overhauling west ham and palace.

I’d love West Ham to go down. Not just to stick it to Jose, but my neighbour, who is a total arse, supports them. Hull look awesome at the moment so I hope they survive.


Especially when you consider they started the season with no manager and zero summer spending


I don’t think that Palace will go down.

I am convinced that Big Sam has made a deal with the devil at the mythical crossroads where such things occur.

I don’t think Sam’s power, the gift of never getting relegated, came at the cost of a soul.

“You will forever play shit football, Allardyce. You’ll also say and do very stupid things. But you shall never be relegated. Remind me when your teams are on so I can avoid them”

Humanity is forever scarred by Sam’s brand of percentages football, but Sam has never been relegated.

I bet Bolton miss him. Blackburn too.

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Anyone that said Pep wouldn’t have it as easy in a multi-horse race league, pat yourselves on the back.