:burnleyfc: Burnley v Saints :saints: (PL)

:burnleyfc: v :saints:

Edit : Moved @Barry-Sanchez’s thread to the match day thread, makes more sense to be in here otherwise we’ll get lots of double posts come match day

  • Oh Crouchy, Coruchy, Crouchy you used to ba a Skate but you’re alright now! Until he scores the winner that is!!
  • A psycologically and physically stronger :saints: put on a pressing masterclass, resulting in a comfortable (2+ goals) victory
  • Dyche puts up a dyke and allows :saints: the majority of posession, :burnleyfc: catch :saints: on the hop and win by the odd goal
  • Dyche has a epithany and puts out a marauding team, spearheaded by the player who has scored the most headed goals in Premiership history. A ragged :saints: defence can’t cope and capitualte weakly and pathetically. @Barry-sanchez goes apoplectic in the stands and has to be defused by a sanguine Duncan
  • Bore draw, :saints: can’t break down a resolute :burnleyfc: defence
  • Score draw
  • :saints: have all the posession but few chances, JW-P shows his new character by scoring in the 85th minute.

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:burnleyfc: Am I going to be the only football reviewer of Burnley away?

This’ll be fun.

Maybe we can all write your review for you before the game and see who gets closest?

What like this.
What a shower of shit. No heart and they are not good enough for this league. Not one single player over 30, tells us the club are doing it on the cheap.
The way we scored our 4th, 5th and 6th goals was just embarrassing.
We might have won 8-0 and the happy clappers will think that proves we can score goals, but nothing could be further from the truth. We’re going down(like the last 3 years).

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Thats Shakespeare that.


Not sure Bill would agree, but if we score a 4th, 5th and 6th you can complain all you like :grin:

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But you’re not actually going are you?

Well I have a ticket like.

A ticket is not proof off attendance

post a pic of you in the stands on Saturday holding the match’s at programme


That’ll be the first thing that comes into my mind when I’m freezing my bollocks off…


Make it so.


Hope you are going with some others, who can then help with some key stuff. Like what happens, who some of the players are, the rules, how to support the team whether we are winning or not, giving the team encouragement, that sort of thing.

Bollocks to that I’ll moan all the way through even if we’re playing like Brazil from the 70’s…

And in other news, bears shit in the woods

Not ones that are in the circus.

No photos of @Barry-Sanchez. That’s the rule.

It’s a way in for all those people protesting his dark in-law family secrets.


But we already know he hasn’t got webbed fingers - can’t say about anything else tbf.

As you were then.


Fuck sake. Bazza, famously absent at most fixtures, gets a ticket to a game that doesn’t interrupt his passions of drinking heavily, Sotonians and walking the hound too much, and he’s now suddenly calling himself a “football reviewer”.

Thank fuck he never got tickets to Glastonbury

hypothetically ticketed Bazza
Yah, yah. I write for the NME now. No no, darling. Derby is really where it’s at these days.

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I resent the walking the hound too much bit…

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who did you re send it to ?

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