🍻 Burnley Bevvies

Who is around for a couple of opening day drinks?

Sorry Matt, not the Norfolk contingent. H is off to Explorer camp with 4,000 other scouty types and I’m chauffeur (not for all 4,000 of them…). We were looking up matches and summer plans the other day and, shamefully, it will be Chelsea in October before we grace the terraces this season unless we can get to one of the away days in Sept. Quite fancy Wolves…

By October we’ll be in the relegation battle. COYR

Explorer camp, the lengths some people will go to to get out of buying a round.

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He now has his tuck shop money transferred :lou_wink_2:

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Given the early kick-off time, I guess we;re talking post rather than pre. My brother is over from Spain, and he and his wife are going to the game (having lived in Spain for over thirty years, and hardly having been over at times corresponding to home games, my brother (a former season ticket holder at the Dell) hasn’t even seen the current stadium).

But I digress. I’ll probably pick them up from our parents’ place and take them back afterwards. My brother doesn’t drink (yeah, I know) and his wife drinks very little (how she does this I don’t know. Imagine being married to a version of me that doesn’t drink, then imagine that and being sober. It beggars belief). But I may be able to persuade them of the benefits of a visit to the South Western…


Is the the much elder but even younger looking brother who also has a picture in the attic?

Thanks @Goatboy true gent. At least @SimplySaint can now pay his dues …

Not me, unless it pisses down on Sunday

Save enough for a pint for me

I guess that will put the kybosh on Chelsea beers then …

That’s going to piss @saintbletch off, he’s now got to update the date on the match thread…


So? Pre? Post?

It’s raining so beach hut is officially cancelled, I’ve been told I can get an early train so will be in Soton by 12:clock1230:

Pre Rockstone? Stable? Bookhouse?


Sorted, see you about 12:45

Here already. I will be plastered by then. It’s medicinal as I got stung on the neck by a wasp on the way here. Fucking cunt. Skinheads of the insect world.

Nothing wrong with being a skin head.

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Special Gold badges are on offer for those that make it to a 2018-2019 season’s drinks - photographic proof required.

Sotonians’ Roving Reporter, 2018 badges for live photos or video of match-day action.

Do those half way around the world get the chance for a badge?

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Absolutely, just need proof you’ve got a beer on the go watching the game.