⚰ Buried

Bury FC have been expelled from the English Football League.

Bolton may follow if they don’t find the readies in two weeks.

Must be gutting for the fans. No smugness whatsoever. We started into oblivion once and survived. Got to be harder further down the leagues.

I thought Bolton had just been saved? Like an hour or so ago.

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Some iffy names in the background of football ventures. As usual.

Hope it works out as have a BFF who is a Bolton fan

Well they found the readies in less than minus one hour then.


So I feel sorry for the Bury fans but last season their players were averaging 125k per year for journeyman players

Then you have all the players coming out and saying how wrong it is. You’re the fucking problem you greedy cunts


Think there may have been more in this than players earning 125k CBS…

A magical 7.1m debt loaded onto the club that was bought for 70k? Sounds as fishy as a skate takeover saga

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Makes the Skates’ escape seem even more incredible/unbelievable when you see Bury were sent to oblivion for a debt of around £7m.

Yes but it may not have even been their debt!

Don’t tell me the Skates have a hand in this too! Wouldn’t you just know it. :lou_facepalm_2: