An idea of some of the skiing available in Bansko. Watch with the sound down.:



When you said watch with the sound down I thought you meant as in language not safe for work, headphones were a mistake :lou_surprised:Looks pretty decent there, and empty too!


First run of the day I reckon. Not usually that empty! Around 20km away is Dobrinishte. One very old chairlift and an old Soviet Era hotel at the top of the mountain. Spent a very windy night there once and have skied the mountain from top to bottom without seeing a single other person on skis or board :lou_lol:


Dont have an accident there. Mate of mine crashed and ended up in hospital last year. Crap care and they made him hobble to an outside cashpoint to pay for it afterwards.


Hope he had insurance!


The lift pass in Bansko comes with mountain insurance which basically covers on piste rescue and emergency treatment should you have an accident.

I recommend not having an accident though.


What a ponce.how are you supposed to build up a decent lick of speed if you keep turnng? Point the planks downwards.


On EC colleague went to Bulgaria to learn to ski. She told us that they did a Bridget Jones style ski backwards down the slope ending up underneath a restaurant. They also ended up in 3 separate hospitals on the return to the UK with a dodgy bug.


Never order chicken in dark restaurants.


My Favourite Womble


I went skiing in Bulgaria.

It was very cold.

Obviously it was about 1975 and so it was before Global Warming.


You would have seen Uncle Bulgaria then -was on Top of the Pops most weeks … Not sure Noel Edmunds woudl feel that comfortable ‘cosying’ up to so many teenage girls today, given the more lurid revalations form this time…


Worse than that @areloa-grandee

I have actually seen The Wombles live.

THIS Century.

And what was the HUGE shock? They were fooking BRILLIANT.

One of the biggest crowds EVER at the Avalon Tent at Glasto about 3 years back. Mrs D_P got there, saw the cardboard Uncle Bulgaria faces everyone was wearing and the band coming on stage and nearly feinted in a barrage of WTF’s.

To this day she bursts into Remember You’re a Womble at the drop of a piece of litter



So anyone been on a weekend / short break to Sofia?

Was grunmbling about the cost of stuff down here while trying to plan at least something for my Birthday and Mrs D_P goes and books us a return on Wizz Air to Sofia for 4 nights

To put that into context, the flights cost LESS than it costs to select a seat in advance on Emirates on a flight to Europe…

So I have 4 days 3 full nights to do something different and I can’t bloody wait.

(And no they didn’t have the same special deal to Budapest/Prague/Poland) :slight_smile:



Ok 8 of us confirmed for the trip Wednesday 2 more probable & 1 still arguing with Ryanair. Good effort.

Got my big day sorted but thanks to Damascus Saint who bought "a suitcase on the package I can now bring back about 15kg of BULGARIAN WINE! about 9 litres between 3 of us allowance wise.

So what do I buy? €10 per bottle upwards in the town must be decent stuff.

Mavrud from Starsel has been mentioned

Any advice please?


Mavrud is Lush. For €10 per bottle I’d want shares in the vineyard.


Why so bold?


It seems that if a YouTube URL is pasted in bold, @pap third-rate code turns it into an embedded video but everything else on the page from there on stays bold.

All for the want of a </strong>.

Fixed now - the bold YouTube link in the post, not papster’s third-rate code.


I thought pap was big on computer business? as in genius level ?