🇧🇬 Bulgaria V England :engerland:

England 1 up through Rashford.

0-2 Barkley

Game could be called off due to fascists, a bit backward over there by about 100 years.

0-4 Rashford, Barkley 2, Sterling

They are On the last warning - one more and the game is done

That said several hundred of them left the stadium obviously cannot trust themselves not to be racist wankers

Just ban the cunts, they’ve been like this for years.

What Channel is it on?


0-5 Sterling

0-6 Kane

Thx for the link GB

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An England team tonight to be proud of - and it feels like a big day for the sport.
They beat us at fascism, thankfully - and we won at football and life.
A line has been drawn, and it was our players who drew it.
An appalling day for well-behaved Bulgarians and racists, a great day for football.


Manager of team with dreadful record decides to ingratiate himself with their racist fans instead of telling the truth.


Another viewpoint…

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What can you say about this?